Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Trying to become a "country girl"

You just never know what you'll end up doing...

...I would have never imagined that I would be doing this...



Yes, that's me, milking a cow. Crazy sight eh? It wasn't too hard. I did try it the old-fashioned way as well. This was a lot easier though.

Everyday I go to Amy's I never know what to expect... last time it was milking a cow, this time...

"Laura, you're just in time! We have a cow that has a breach calf, do you want to come help?"

"Sure, wow, neat, I've never seen a calf born, let alone a breach one... I can help???"

Chains?? What are these for? You're gonna reach in that bucket and get them right??
The expression on my face gave away the fact that I was not a "farm girl"

"Hold that one tight while I wrap the other end around the other hoof..."


And he's out... getting all cleaned up by mommy...

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