Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Day in Pictures ~

This picture of from the birth that I did with Amy. I had no idea she was taking these. I was doing the Newborn exam.

A little child walking home from school.

Driving behind the boys as they were walking home.

We were really really stuck. Praise the Lord that these two
Amish men took pity on us and pulled us out.

Maybe I should have focused a bit more on looking
at the condition on the driveway than on our conversation.

Two little boys outside of the house where Amy and I went to do a prenatal.
Doing what we did a lot that day.... stopping alongside the road and taking pictures.

Taking pictures

What we were taking pictures of.

Three boys walking up the hill with their sleds.

The school children sled-riding during break

Going up the hill for another ride.

One lone solitary tree...

An old abandoned house that I had to stop and explore.

The house that we were going to when we got stuck the first time.

Taking a picture of where the car was before we got it out... this is when Amy got us stuck ;)

Walking single-file to school


  1. What a blast Laura! I love your blog and decided to email you since my comment was getting too long! Amy

  2. Hi Laura!! Oh I have really been enjoying your blog - all the stories, and I love the pictures! It looks (and sounds) like you are having a wonderful & eventful time! I wish you were closer to where we are so we could have the pleasure of a visit from you! You're always welcome if you ever have the time to make the trip!! :-) God bless! ~Ashley