Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Beginnings of My time in Ohio!

Wow, what a way to start my time here... So I was having a rather uneventful trip here, well other than the crazy weather and the  windshield wipers that weren't working right, and was about 20 minutes away from Freida's home when I called her to let her know that I was in Millersburg and would be arriving soon. She answered the phone with a regretful voice saying that she was hoping I would've called earlier being that she was at a birth an hour and a half north of where I know was. She gave me the option of going to her home and getting all settled in or turning around and trying to make it to the birth. She mentioned that the contractions were about 2-3 minutes apart and it was quite likely that I would miss the birth but that if I wanted to come up anyways I could. Being who I am I decided to turn around and pray that I would make it to the delivery. Honestly who would rather come back to the house knowing that I could have the possibility of helping bring life into the world. I quickly shot up a prayer that I if was supposed to make it to the delivery that the Lord would hold it off until I arrived. When I was about 3 minutes from the house I called to make sure that I had taken the right road and had not gone too far. Freida assured me that I would not pass the house because she was outside shoveling the driveway with a regular garden shovel to make room for me to get in the driveway. What a way to meet, outside in the snow outside someones house that is in labor. She let me know that the woman was only 5 cm and we still had some time to go. Praise the Lord! As i was driving to the house I realized that I was unsure whether this was an "English" or Amish/Mennonite delivery and that I did not have my head-covering on. Well let me tell you that trying to put a head-covering on while driving down the road does not work very well! I'm sure it was quite the site to those that saw and the end product was not very satisfactory, but I was expecting to have to rush in the house and I did not want to start off my time here not having one on if it would help my witness here. As I got out of the van and helped Freida shovel a path she kindly informed me that this was an "English" couple, so off went my poorly put-on head-covering and down came my straight hair ;) As we were walking into the house she let me know that they only had heat in one room, gratefully the room we spent 90% of our time in. After getting in the house and meeting the couple I realized I left my watch in the van, so out I ran to go get it, I gracefully jumped down excitedly and landing down on the edge of something twisted my ankle quite badly. it hurt oh so very badly, so much so that I was feeling nauseous and like I could black out. "Oh Lord, this is not a good way to start out, please help this to not be broken" I was praying over and over again as I was limping to the van and back to the house not sure how much further I could walk. Gratefully by the time I got back to the house I could walk a bit better and no-one noticed that I was hurt when I walked back into the room. 
The delivery went smoothly, she progressed very quickly after I arrived. The baby was meconium and had a knot in her cord, something I had not seen 
before. A sweet little girl, Haven Elise Warner, was born at 5:26pm, 
7lb 11oz, 19 inches long. Freida is a great midwife and really knows her stuff, I'm going to learn so much about herbal remedies from her! She's also very simply as far as what she uses at deliveries. It was about 40 degrees in the other rooms in the house! One time when I went out to get something I noticed all these huge bags all over the place, curiously I looked in one of them (the husband had mentioned that there was food in some bags that we could eat) and was shocked to find tons and tons of rolls, muffins, bread... each bag had different items. Later I was informed that it was Panera bread's day old stuff. After the delivery Emily, Freida's sweet assistant, and I had fun going through all the bags and finding things to bring home 
with us. We left the house around 8:30ishpm and then started our journey "home." Strangely everyone seemed to be busy and wouldn't answer their phones most of the day yesterday! so I had some good quality time talking with the Lord. As we got closer to the house I saw a cute little horse and buggy, and then another one, and another and another, wow there were six in a row that I saw and then three more, then several people on bikes. Then I knew I was in Amish country. Oh how i'd love to ride in a buggy! We got home around 10:30pm and I brought it a few of my things, basically what I needed for the night and then off to bed. I'm so excited about what I'm going to learn while here and the many opportunities that I know the Lord will open up for me to witness to those around me. 

Today, January 12, I woke up, had a nice relaxing morning, ate (it's so weird to eat by yourself!!) and unpacked my things, it's really nice here, I'm going to be quite comfortable. Then I helped Freida package up some herbal orders. I think I'm going to get all bundled up and go explore the area. 

Please keep me in your prayers, 

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