Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wow!! It's been forever... I know...

Well, life has been incredibly busy the past few months, to say the least!! All in all traveling around the country doing ministry is so fulfilling, it's great to meet so many new people, be able to enjoy God's amazing creation and be blessed and a blessing to others. To kinda give a short run-down on life lately I'll give a little bit of what my schedule has been.

May 29-31 - Weekend Health retreat downstate

June 2-23 - In California: we did health seminars in two churches and then I helped run and spoke at the Christian Youth Health Conference in Lodi, CA. After that we had an amazing week with the Vierra family and spent some good quality time with some friends that were out there with us, visited some friends in Malibu, saw elephant seals, the gorgeous coast... and then flew home.

July 8-20 - In Minnesota: we were home for just a few days when we got a call to go do some cooking classes in Albert Lea, MN. Amazingly that was just about 2 hours away from where we were already planning on going for one of my best friends wedding that I was a bridesmaid for and also was doing all the bouquets for. The Lord really blessed, we had about 25-30 people there for our first cooking class. The local paper covered it and we were on the front page the next day. We were able to help in the restaurant and cooked and cooked and cooked for the actual grand-opening. They had opened early due to so many people being eager for it to open.
Then we drove to where my friend was going to be getting married and had a wonderful week "fellowshipping" with some of my best friends and helping get everything ready for the wedding. It gives such good insight into how we need to be preparing for the great wedding banquet that our Lord is preparing for us. The wedding was the most beautiful and spiritual wedding I have ever seen and what a privilege to be able to be a part of it!

July 20-29 - Back in Lodi, California: I had the great opportunity to help work at BellaVita Lifestyle Center, a 10 day cleansing program. Was that ever a blessing! We had 10 people go through the program, it's amazing how fast 10 days goes by and how much you can learn and grow close to people in such a short time. We saw so many miracles happen before our eyes. The Lord is so good to us!

August 9 - Health Fair in Gladwin

September 3 - Natural Remedies presentation in Lansing

September 14-17 - Midwifery & Childbirth Education Seminar in Montana: I have the most amazing opportunity to teach with two of the greatest midwifery mentors in the world, Patti Barnes and Dr. Mary Ann McNeilus. I'm really really really looking forward to doing this with them and feel so honored that they have asked me to be a part of it. It's being hosted by the local Amish community there in St. Ignatius. If anyone is interested in going let me know! I'm so eager to be back in Amish country.

Well, there's a little update on what I've been up to... If anyone wants anyone to come do any health seminars/cooking classes just let me know. :)

May the Lord bless you all ~