Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pictures...a bit more exciting than writing at the moment ~

Sheep... and corn stalks... they were in the field outside of the window where we were to look at a little boy and try to diagnose what was wrong with him. So while we were waiting I decided to take some pictures. Freida must think that I'm constantly looking for things to take pictures of.

A really neat plant at the same house. I had in my mind how I wanted the picture to turn out: with the Amish style window and drape clearly seen and the rolling field covered in snow in the background... yet as you can tell it came out as just a bright light.

Anna & Andy's house. We had the most amazing birth!! This is the house where Emily and I arrived before Freida and we got everything all ready and I delivered the baby. I had quite the rocking-chair experience there! It was such a special birth, there seemed to be no distinction nor wall between us even though they figured out that I was "English."

For some reason this caught my eye

All hung up and ready to wear... I seriously just walked around the house taking pictures.

Their hats...


Little Mattie's birth announcement next to the kerosene lamp.
This was the first one that I did the footprints for, they turned out alright.

Something else I found to take a picture of while we were at their house.
After my rocking-chair experience I figured it was safer to be standing than sitting, at least in
the rocker, and if I couldn't sit there I really didn't want to sit anywhere.

The traditional Swartzentruber baby outfit and baby scale in the back.
I actually do quite well getting them all dressed in their very unique and special little
shirts and dresses. I've not poked a baby with the pins yet :)

I just love how they have the racks above the stove. This is what you'll find in 99%
of all Swartzentruber homes. I think we should have the same things, it is a great way to
warm things up and to hang your things on. When I wrote about sleeping next to the stove
on the floor it was one like this.

A picture I took while driving to a birth.

A very friendly sheep.

A very accurate and important reminder.

Playing with his toys while we were doing our prenatal visit.

Driving in to do a prenatal... they have the most inventive mechanisms to hang their laundry.

He was looking right at me, probably wondering what I was
doing after taking at least 10 pictures of him and the buggy he was hitched to.

In the rocker shop.

A shot through the barbed wires of a little Amish girl walking home from school.

Hmmm... can you guess what this is??

A cold frosty morning.

Another birth announcement and a kerosene lamp, they play such vital rols in our night deliveries, I don't know what we'd do without them. I tried using my cell phone light to replace it and ended up going back and getting the lamp to bring with me. This is from the house where I got the wonderful honey and who had the SDA neighbors. I also delivered this baby.
Oh, and this is the desk that I fell asleep on when I was supposed to be doing the FHT's.

One of my favorite things

Shedding just enough light to light the path before our feet to keep
us from stumbling and to see the path before us.

Driving to do prenatals on a cold snowy day.

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