Thursday, January 22, 2009

I was just about asleep and...

beeeep, beeeep, beeeep.... I was suddenly all alert and my heart rate sped up about 20 beets per minute. 

Tonight I had started working on my blog entry... it's only 4 sentences long at his point... and decided that I was way to tired to stay up and write out todays experiences. So while talking to a friend on the phone I settled all nicely into bed. Sleep was fast approaching, my eyes were heavy and I would soon be dreaming sweet midwifery dreams. Hopefully not any more of the ones where I'm pregnant. And then I heard it....

You see, Freida has the neatest bell type thing that makes a noise whenever someone comes into the driveway. It's great because we get a nice warning for when a client or someone else is here. Freida has had some interesting experiences here and due to nothing that she did wrong she was put in jail for doing something midwifery related. So the past week she's been telling me these stories and how sometimes the health department still gives her a hard time about "complicated clients" and then there was a mom whose... well I guess I shouldn't go into that on here. Anyways... I keep my door locked at night... which to those of you that know me that's no surprise. But I trust that the Lord is watching over me and will protect me as He sees fit. 

So when it's 11:30pm and I hear the beeper thingy going of I was quite startled but thought oh, no big deal just ignore it, then it kept going off over and over and over again. AHHHH!!! Well I don't have my brother nor dad to send to make sure it's safe so I quietly tip-toed out of my room staying as close to the wall as possible and peering out into the darkness to see what is causing the alarm to sound. 

Seeing nothing out my apartment door I ducked and ran up the stairs, making sure to stay hidden from plain sight. I found Freida in the hall and we both quietly and slowly pulled back the curtains to see what we could find... complete darkness with only the light of the moon shining peacefully on the pure white snow. Being little miss detector I was determined to find the animal that might be the culprit, or at least the foot-prints, but no, I was left in wonder and confusion as to what completely disturbed our peace and caused the alarm to sound. 

Well, now my early night is almost morning and I still didn't finish my blog entry for today. 
I turned off the beeping alarm and will trust that the angels will be watching over us tonight. 

We'll see how long it takes to get todays, entry out...

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