Sunday, January 25, 2009

~ Prince Charming Not Included ~

So the past week I have had an incredible amount of fun looking for wedding and bridesmaids dresses. Quite the task, especially trying to find one that is modest yet not old fashioned looking. I finally found this one website that has some gorgeous bridal dresses, so after looking at all of them I narrowed it down to three. I emailed my friend the website and to our surprise we both picked the same dress as our favorite one. She thought it sounded like a good idea for us to get it and split the cost, how that would benefit me now I have no idea. There were a few bridesmaid dresses that were pretty but not perfect and so the search continues to find just the right one.

After looking at these dresses for quite some time and being quite encouraged with what I found I ended up back at the home page.

Somehow the people that made the site must realize that there are people like me who look at wedding dresses a bit prematurely, even though in my case I have a very good reason to be, and so in beautiful cursive writing there appears right in the center of the home page these words:

~~ "Prince Charming Not Included" ~~


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