Thursday, October 28, 2010

Herbal Remedy First-Aid Kits

Have you ever thought that you wished you knew more natural remedies? Would you use the natural remedies if you only knew how? Through the years we've met many people just like that. From that we decided to make 3 Herbal Remedy First-Aid Kits! They are stocked with the herbs, essential oils, and supplies needed to treat most of the common ailments: colds, cuts, bruises, sprains, intestinal issues, food poisoning, insect bites, headaches, congestion, etc. Check out our website for more information and to order yours today!

Shown Below are the three sizes of kits:

The Starter

The Basic
The Deluxe

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Anna's Wild Yam Cream ~

Many people are now realizing the amazing benefits of Anna's Wild Yam Cream. From our last order we only have 2 more jars. As one of the only distributers of Anna's Wild Yam Cream in the United States, we are excited to be able to bring this product to many people into our country.

Anna's Wild Yam Cream is for the Symptomatic Relief of PMS/PMT and Menopause. It is taken from Diosgenin, which is a natural compound found in Wild Yams. The Anna's Wild Yam Cream allows your body to make the hormones that it is lacking in. It is an all-natural product with no added chemicals. This product has been found to help 100's with hormone issues. If you have issues with: mood swings, depression, acne, PMS, reproductive issues, abnormal periods, cramps, hot flashes, etc. you can be helped by this product.

If you or someone you love has hormone issues contact us for how you can begin having relief.

Contact us at: and/or visit our website at:

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Newborn photoshoot ~

Evan & I went and did a Newborn photo-shoot for my sister and the pictures turned out great!

Go check out some of the results on his blog at:

Enjoy :)


A Midwifery Nutritional Consultation :)

On Friday I had my first Midwifery Nutrition Consultation. The expectant mother is 8 weeks pregnant and wanting to know what she should do nutritionally to help her baby (and herself) to be as healthy as possible and to give her baby the best start in life.
We had a wonderful time talking and discussing what she can do. She's wanting to be vegetarian and a lot of people had told her that she couldn't get enough protein with a vegetarian diet. After showing her the charts of foods and how much protein they have she saw very clearly that it's easy to get enough protein and all of the other needed nutrients on a vegetarian diet. We had a nice time discussing: meal plans, timing, how to prevent heartburn, good foods for pregnancy, general foods to avoid, etc.
I'm looking forward to working with her throughout her pregnancy and seeing the wonderful results.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Nyah sweet little niece...

After 3 days of early labor and 1 full long day of active labor we were all very very excited for the birth of my second niece: Nyah! She was born October 13th, at 2:13am, and was 7lb 13oz. As not just a midwife but as her sister it was such an incredible blessing to be a part of my sisters first baby's birth.

The first call came Saturday morning at7am...we were in the U.P. for the weekend and I was praying that she wouldn't go into labor until after we came home on Sunday...yet...the call came Saturday morning. After waiting for a few hours...I was happy to inform her that I was quite sure that she truly was in labor. Little did we know what we all had in front of us!!! After making the decision to leave to head down to the lower peninsula and go home so that I could help her we realized that you had to pay to cross the bridge. After praying that the Lord would hold off until we could get there, we decided to spend some wonderful time in worship and nature and then cross the bridge right after sundown. We had the most beautiful sundown worship at the bridge to close the Sabbath and homeward bound we were. After I got there her contractions were about 10-15 apart and I knew we had a long long way to go so I went home to sleep (home is only 7-10 min from her place.) The next day everything was the same...she went in to get checked and was not dilated at on "we" labored.

Monday night as I was on my knees praying beside my bed she called and told me her contractions were 2 min apart and she wanted me to come check I threw some clothes on, gathered my supplies and over I went. To all of our disappointment she was only 2cm. So...on we labored...around 2am her contractions got really close again and she was now 3cm and being a home-birth midwife and not knowing when to normally take someone in, I thought we should take her in. Back to the hospital we went. After another 1.5 hours in triage and them confirming she was 3cm, they suggested she go back home since she wasn't wanting any interventions. Home we went...again!

Up all night long...we were all tired!!! After getting some wonderful counsel from one of my best Midwife counselors I happily gave her some herbs to help her sleep so she could relax...and boy did I ever pray that she'd dilate! Praise the Lord...all she needed was SLEEP!!! After about an hour or more of sleep her contractions picked up really good and fast and she was on her way. The next time I checked her she was 5cm! Were we ever happy. A few hours later she was 6cm...yea!!! You could feel the happiness and excitement! After needing another period of rest I gave her some more herbs and after a little rest they picked up again and before we knew it she was leaking fluid (nice and clear) and she was 8-9cm. Well...maybe it was time to go in????? ;)

We got in for the dreaded triage and I looked at the nurse and informed her that my sister was 8-9cm and there went triage, we got ourselves a nice room :) 4 hours later, a whole lot of support, position changes, and perseverance and my adorable little niece was born! The Lord really led, and am I grateful for His help and leading. (the "short" version ;) ) It was such an incredible blessing to be part of this for my sister. She had a midwifery labor and wonderful natural hospital birth.

Keep checking for more pictures...her Auntie LOVES taking pictures of her!

Nyah...more pictures...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

My First Senior Portrait Photo-shoot!

Today I went and assisted at my first senior picture photo-shoot!! It was soo much fun. We spent two hours walking around finding places to get shots, picking poses & outfits, trying to get a dog to cooperate, waiting for the clouds to come, and trying to get all the beautiful fall colors :)

We have two more coming up and I'm so excited!

We'll be putting pictures up on Evan's blog soon from today.


Friday, October 1, 2010

The Anna's Wild Yam Cream is HERE!!!

Anna's Wild Yam Cream, a natural hormone cream taken from Wild Yams. It contains Diosgenin which goes into your body and allows your body to make the hormones that are laking. It's an all-natural product that is easy to use and very effective. For more information about this cream, or about ordering it contact us at or visit our website at


Obesity Epidemic

Amazing! How can this be happening? People around the developed world and especially here in the USA are digging their graves with their teeth and thinking it is part of getting old. But how can that be since younger and younger people are being diagnosed with heat disease, type-II diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure. Sickness is "NOT" part of getting old and "CAN" be reversed.

According to a study led by the John Hopkins University research department, by 2020 about 75% of all Americans will be obese, and by 2030 about 86% will be if the trends stay the same.

By 2015 they have estimated that health-care costs in the United States related to overweight-related issues is forecasted to rise 70%.

The lifespan of someone that is obese is 8-10 years less, which is the same as that of a smoker.

The cause of this, and the rise of other (life-style) diseases such as: heart-disease, diabetes, hypertension, has been related to the decrease in physical activity and the increase consumption of processed foods which are high in fat, sugar, flavor enhancers (excitotoxins), which are making foods addictive.

You don't have to be part of these statistics, by education and lifestyle adjustments you can prevent yourself from being part of these staggering and startling statistics. You can live longer and with an excellent quality of life. Also, avoid the great expense of doctor and hospital bills and have more time with family and loved ones. By investing time and energy now you can save big in the long run.

So please contact us for more information on how you may be victorious in this area of health or visit our website: