Thursday, January 15, 2009

Some Pictures

This is a picture of a typical Swartzentruber Amish home. Most all of them are set up the same exact way and have furniture in the same places around the house. These pictures were taking from the home where we had a delivery today. They have the most amazing wood cook-stoves. 

This is also in the same home. In the room to the left in their homes is a cook-stove, chairs, desk, and normally a bed for at least one of the children. It was so nice to be able to sit in the rocking chair next to the stove and warm up, especially being that it was below zero outside and most of the other rooms in the house we quite cold. After the baby was born I sat and rocked him for almost an hour with just the light of a kerosene lamp, he fell fast asleep and I just about did as well.

This little girl was so adorable. She's 4 years old and her name is Mary. We went to do a prenatal on her mom whom is due in July. 

Just another one of her trying to write. It reminded my of my little sister and how she is learning to write her letters. 

This was her little brother. He seemed to cooperate more and sit still long enough for me to get a good picture of him. 

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