Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Back in MI ~

After 3 1/2 weeks in California, ended with a wonderful day in Malibu with some sweet friends, I'm now back in MI and back at school. Today I was able to be in class…actually in class…not via skype. Oh how much easier it is to be in massage school physically rather than over the computer screen :) Now I just have to get used to the time change and weather!

I'll write up more later when I get some time.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Update and some more pictures ~

Here are a few pictures from Sabbath. ~

These are a couple of the oranges that I picked and then ate. We all picked quite a few and thoroughly enjoyed them! 

Nalani in a bamboo forest. 

Another view

We went to a beautiful park in the afternoon. 

Nalani at the "kleenex" Mansion

We had a wonderful Sabbath. We went to AdventHope for services and then had a picnic. I made TofuTurkey for lunch, with happy cookies and some Lime popcorn too. Then we had a nice drive to Prospect Park where we picked some amazing oranges (it was quite the experience! ;) ) and then went on a beautiful walk. Then we went over to a families house and had a delightful evening.

Things have been going well. The natural remedies for my mom's heart have been helping her quite a bit. Please keep praying for her and that the treatments will be effective.

We have been so blessed by the weather here! Sunny and warm…with lots of Vit D! :)

All the others here are doing well too. It's such a blessing to watch them heal and gain strength through God's means.

Last week a couple came that are thinking of coming to a program and I was able to share with them some information we have on candida and give them the Sledgehammer diet, she also had some hormonal questions that I was able to help her with. Health ministry is such a wonderful work.

Thursday I'm going to be doing a little cooking class for the Palmer's Chip Alumni Class. That should be fun!

Today is my last day of class via Skype. It has been so nice of my classmate and teachers to let me skype into class. Even when the internet likes to last for only 3 minutes at a time,  is it ever something to build patience! My hand is finally about healed so I can start doing massages on the patients here. Oh have they ever been sad since I burned my hand!

Well it's break time and I must get some breakfast before class starts again.

Blessings All ~ 6 more days...

Thursday, February 2, 2012

A few pictures ~

Here are a few pictures I've taken with my phone along the way. I just figured out how to post them so we'll see how many more I can get on to give a taste of our time here. 

This is one of the places we stopped on Highway 1. 

Nalani has been a big helper! Here she is making scrambled tofu for breakfast. 

Since I'm in school now I couldn't take three weeks off, so I'm doing school via Skype! This is me "in class" while I was eating breakfast. With the time change I start class at 6:00AM here. 

Nalani on one of our many walks. :)

Nalani and I playing with her ball, we got up to 63 times passing it back and forth. 

Some food at the market

Nalani playing on the gate that is on the road where we walk. 

This is where we went for a walk on Sabbath afternoon. The city below is Loma Linda. 

This is the view from our room.