Thursday, January 22, 2009

Amazed at how much we can fit in one day!!

Bzzzz...bzzzzz...bzzzzz went my alarm at 5:30am this morning. Could it really be time to wake up? My bed was so nice and cozy and my eyes were resisting my attempts to open them. After convincing myself that I had no choice but to get out of bed I slipped to my knees and prayed. I had some wonderful quiet-time with the Lord, ate breakfast then rushed around getting ready to leave. I found my hair net!! It made today so much easier not worrying about whether my hair was constantly falling out. As i was rushing out the door I conveniently forgot the one thing I was sure not to forget, my watch! What a hassle to have to ask Emily for her watch every time i had to count the FHT's. I was sure that I had it with me yet somehow it disappeared to who knows where... until I was laying here and it just appeared right next to me! I'm getting oh so much better at hearing with the fetascope!  

We started out at 7am and finished at 5:30pm after doing 14 prenatals and post-partums. What a full day. Freida decided that for the majority of the visits today that I would be in charge of them, so that I could get used to doing them on my own. It was great practice but a bit intimidating being that Freida knows so much, all the questions to ask and to all appearances all the answers as well. I'll have to write more detail later... Emily and I actually got to go do a prenatal by ourselves. We took a few of our supplies in our hands and walked to the home. I could just imagine what the Amish were thinking as they were riding by in their buggies..."what are to young "English" girls doing in the middle of Amish country walking down the street with a fetascope and urine strips in their hands"... oh well, I'm sure it made for conversation later. 

Today I met some barn animals up close and personal. We went to do a post-partum on one of the babies that I delivered and I was kindly greeted by two huge sheep. I could barely get my door open because they were right in-front of it. They came about 6 inches from me and then followed me up to the house. At another house they had a goat that followed me everywhere, he even would have come into the house if I hadn't quickly slipped in and shut the door in front of him. 

The family connections here are crazy. We saw three sisters that had married three brothers and most of the people we saw were all somehow related. 

The hunt for a Hickory Rocking-chair for my little sister continues. Today we stopped at a place and I measured the little chair and got a price, I'm comparing all the ones around before I get one. I forgot where I was and asked for their phone number to call if I wanted to make an order, he gave me their address instead. Writing, oh my, I'm horrible at getting letters out. So we were driving down the road and as we were passing this Amish man with his plow horses Freida realized that it was the other man that sold the rockers. After her suggestion we pulled off the road, I jumped out of the car and waved him over. What a sight, Freida thought it was great, of course because it wasn't her!! It wasn't at the best location either, right at an intersection with plenty of cars going by. He kept having to pull back the reigns to keep the horses from continuing on their journey home. 

As i was walking back to get in the vehicle this young man in a truck started speaking to me, not understanding what he was saying at all I finally realized he was speaking to me in Pennsylvania Dutch. Wow, he thought I was Amish, yet he looked nothing like the Amish. So I politely told him that I didn't speak dutch, he seemed rather surprised and then asked again if I was Amish.. "nope, I'm English" I responded which probably didn't make much sense being I had the Mennonite veil on, he asked again, "Are you Mennonite?"  "No, I'm English" I think the third time he finally got it. Come to find out he used to be Amish and when he saw me talking to the Amish he assumed that I was one. Being the community that it was after our brief conversation I found out the Freida had delivered one of his relatives babies just a few months ago. 

We went to the last house and the baby had a horrible infection and so I showed/ taught her how to make a charcoal poultice and told her how to use hydrotherapy on it. It was great fun and wonderful to use my natural remedies knowledge to help them. 

It's late and time to go to bed.... God bless  ~

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