Friday, January 16, 2009

So Happy it's Sabbath... Now only if we can tell the babies that :)

It won't be long tonight, I'm so grateful that it is finally Sabbath. It was 14.5 degrees below zero when we left the house at 7:45am this morning. Yet the sun was shinning oh so brightly all day and the snow was blowing around making everything around glittering white. It was a full day of prenatals and postpartums. Freida and I had a nice time getting to know one another better on our way from here to there and everywhere else in Ohio today. We were on the road for 14 hours today. Tonight we went to see a woman that was wanting us to check her, thinking it might be time. So we checked and found that she is 4cm dilated and at 0 station. We waited for a bit, I found my favorite rocking chair and sat and read while waiting. They have our Bible-story books so I read one to pass the time. Nothing happened and so we are now home hoping to have a good nights sleep. They have 6 boys, the little one was a bit shy but would by peek-a-boo with me and smile as he bashfully turned his face into his daddy's shirt. 

Tomorrow I'm going to attempt to go to church in Millersville which is only about 20 minutes away. We'll see if the babies decide to wait until after Sabbath to come or not. 

God bless 

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