Thursday, April 25, 2013

My trip to Palau ~ Part 1

Am I really here? I lay in my bed at night and can't believe that it's really real. After eight months of wondering if it will ever work out...I'm sitting here on my bed in Palau knowing that it was all the Lord that led me here. I don't ever forget when I wake up, as here it's 80 degrees and humid even at night and I left 2 feet of snow at home.

Life was a whirlwind before I came. We moved out of our home of 24 years the week before I came. I kept wondering when it would hit me that I was actually coming. Not even when I was sitting in the airport leaving Traverse City did it hit me...not even on the 13 hour plane trip to Tokyo, Japan...not until I stepped off of the plane into a country where I couldn't even understand the letters for the words, as they aren't letters, they are characters. Not until I hit was real. After 7 hours in the United Airlines Star Club Lounge I was back in the plane on my way to Guam (first class.) Pastor Torres picked me up from the airport at 2am. My body totally unsure of whether I should be tired or hungry. 24 hours later and 13 hours ahead of body didn't know which what was day and what was night. All I knew at that point was that my long skirt with long underwear under and long sleeved shirt, sweater and coat were a little too much for 80 degree weather that hit me like a wave when I walked out of the door of the plane into the tropical weather that would become what I experienced day and night for the next 5 weeks. Away went the socks, long sleeved shirt, I don't even know where my coat is.

I went to my apartment where I'd stay the "night," which was afternoon from where I came from. There was a cute little lizard that welcomed me at the door. After a restless and very short night I awoke and began my adventure of the day. I stayed at the Mission Apartment for missionaries. It was very nice and comfortable. Pastor Torres had a meeting in the morning and so I stayed around the Mission waiting for him to get done. I walked to a War Memorial, it had a beautiful overlook of the ocean, as I was reading about the battles fought there I was trying to imagine what it must have been like, nothing like the peaceful and tranquil view that it was to my eyes.

I wandered around and around...soaking in the sun that felt so good...not realized how what felt so good then would cause days of pain in just a short time.

Pastor T got done and drove me to where he was meeting up with someone to go run an errand. It's called ABC and it's a waterfront tour attraction. The owner is SDA and he didn't have room in his car for me, I offered to stay there and the next few hours were filled with kayaking, snorkeling and jet-skiing.  I could feel the burn coming...oh and there wasn't anything I could do. I even put on 110 SPF sunscreen, yes 110!! Yet, it was too late!

17 hours after I arrived...I left...I got into my larger than normal first class seat, put on my eye "covers" and was going to force myself to sleep. I hadn't been able to sleep almost at all on the flight to Japan nor Guam and I knew I needed to at least get some rest before getting to Palau. Praise the Lord I actually did sleep and was all awake and excited as my flight landed in Koror, Palau.

I'll stop there for time here! :)

I praise the Lord for His leading and His timing. He knew when I needed to come here. I can so see His hand in me being here. Please continue to pray for me and my ministry here! :)