Monday, October 8, 2012

GMO ~ Very Important to know!

A major cause of Infertility and other health diseases??? Please Watch this! ~ 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Updates on my Mom ~

If you want updates on how my mom is doing with her health/ journey with Lyme's disease email me at and I'll put you on my email list.

She's not doing very well right now and we'd all appreciate your prayers.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Water Wise Purifiers ~

We are now distributors for Water Wise Products. Use this link to go look at their products: water distillers, shower distillers, filters, air purifiers, etc. We have one of their water steam distillers and use it for everything! It really helps make hydrotherapy treatments more effective. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

An Update ~ My Mom

Hello Everyone,

The past few days have been complete misery for my mom. She is breaking out in hives all over her body and it's keeping her from sleeping, walking, sitting, or doing just about anything comfortably. She is completely and totally miserable. Please please pray for her!!

We are trying arnica oil to help the itching and that helps somewhat, any other suggestions for relieving itching would be greatly appreciated!!

We are going forward with the treatments that we were doing and praying that all these toxins come out and we can get over this stage. We are supposed to be leaving in two weeks to go out West and right now she can't even leave the house, so please please pray that she gets better!

Thank you all so very much for your prayers and encouragement, it really helps!


 Just some helpful information we just learned...guess we need to be getting to bed earlier!!!

Melatonin - helps rest, around 4-5pm starts up, peaks at 2am, ends at 6am
Serotonin - starts at 6am, peaks at 8:30, ends at 2pm
Adrenal Gland - Reset - Happens only between 8pm-12am...they need 2 hours to reset a night. That means you must be in a dark place and resting/best to be asleep. They rejuvenate themselves and reset. No lighted alarm-clock. If this is not allowed to happen people feel run-down, depressed, blood sugar issues, etc.
Growth and Repair - starts at 10pm, and only then...if you are not asleep by then your body has to wait for the next night to try and have growth/ repair occur.

Monday, August 27, 2012

A promise ~

He may ask what he will, and it will be done unto him. Those who have decided to do nothing in any line that will displease God, will know, after they present their case before him, just what course to pursue. With an eye single to the glory of God, they will do his will, even if it does not accord with their inclinations. {RH October 27, 1896, par. 10}

Monday, August 20, 2012

Happy 8th Birthday Nalani Tiela ~

Happy Birthday to the sweetest little 8 year old! She has been such an incredible blessing to all of us, I couldn't imagine life without her!  Happy Birthday Nalani Tiela!! :)
My special surprise gift for her was a book that I made for her telling her life story in pictures. It was so much fun to make. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

ASI, Ministerial Retreat and…Home ~

Home…from ASI and MI Ministerial Retreat. Both were such a blessing!  At ASi we had a booth for our The Creator's Way and then I drove up north to give massages for the women for ministerial retreat at beautiful Camp-Au-Sable. Oh how nice it was to be in a place of peace and quiet after spending the week in busy city-life in Cincinnati! Camp has always been a sweet retreat and I loved my quiet alone time there just meditating and spending time with the Lord in nature. I ever sat watching a Bald eagle for over 45 minutes waiting for it to fly off of a branch. I thought I'd sit and pray while I was waiting and then after that long I decided that it was getting a bit cold and had to go back to my room.

Now that I'm home I get to do insurance billing, filling, figuring out which claims I've been paid for and which I haven't… :)

I'm learning how much I need to be organized!!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

New Essential Oils on Website ~

Just added 5 Essential Oils onto our website: Pictures and details coming soon. :)

- Tea Tree Oil
- Peppermint Oil
- Lavender Oil
- Lemongrass Oil
- Grapefruit Oil

Lemongrass Oil ~

My mom slept!! As I was ordering some more of our essential oils I decided to get a couple new ones to try. One of them is lemongrass oil. It says that it helps to relax and sooth nerves and muscles and helps induce sleep. 

Well, my mom hasn't slept well for the past six months. She often will lay in bed for hours on end and then maybe get a couple hours of fitful sleep before awaking at the very early hours of the morning. 

She really hasn't been doing well the past few days and last night was just the same. I suggested that she take a bath with the lemongrass oil just to see if it would help her. We've tried so many things to try and help her sleep and nothing seems to work. Well, I might have gone a little overkill with it, the whole upstairs smelled like lemongrass oil, but at least it smells good. 

This morning when I got up I asked my mom how she slept and she said that she slept so well that she even dreamt, something she's not done in six months. Praise the Lord! It was the best night of sleep she's had in a long long time. 

We'll be putting it up on our website to buy shortly. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A few thoughts on the glorious gospel ~

The Bible says "and this gospel shall be preached in all the world…" The word "gospel" is used 98 times in the KJV. Yet what is "this" gospel? What is the gospel that is to be preached in all the world? 

Is it simply just the "good news" that Jesus died for us?

Now, that is very good news, but is that the complete gospel, or just simply part of it? 

When I think about a verse that we were studying today in Prayer meeting that tells us to "walk even as He walked" is that good news? I mean, God wouldn't tell us to do something that we possibly couldn't do, would He? So if we are told to walk as Jesus did, then we must be able to. Yet how? Because Jesus, our true example, that walked as we have to walk, did it and at every single step was the true overcomer and victor over sin and the devil. Therefore, since He, our Saviour, walked and lived a victorious life, in the same flesh and blood as we have and with the same fallen nature as we have, we can too. What an amazing Savior and beautiful promise. 

The Bible says many a time to "be perfect" yet is that possible? Many today believe that it is not. Yet, would our loving Lord that knows that "we are but dust" command us to be something we cannot be? Oh, of course we could never even think to hint that we in and of ourselves could do it on our own, yet as we walk as Jesus walked (constantly connected to His Father) we can be victors just as He was. 1 John 1:9 says that He will not just forgive us but cleanse us, to cleanse means to wash away the dirt, and in this case the sin in our lives. What a loving and merciful God that can take feeble mortal human beings and cleanse us from sin and then give us the power, through Him, to not concede to temptation. 

We were doing a Bible study last week and some things really struck my heart. We were studying what Jesus gave up when He came to earth. I'm sure most of us have thought of these things and marveled at how loving our Lord is that He would suffer Himself to become a man. How many have read the verse where Jesus says that only the Father knows the day and hour of the coming of the Son of Man, and that not even He himself knew. How could this be, the Son of God, Jesus, our creator and making, not know when He himself was going to return? Or how could He not see through the portals of the tomb? We went over verses that showed how Jesus gave up not only His omnipresence yet also His memory and His foreknowledge. (If you would like the verses email me and I'll send them to you) Ok, ponder this with me…Jesus, the maker of heaven and earth, came to earth and at the moment that he entered Mary's womb, He gave up all His memory of not only what He had done, but also who He was. He had to believe from what He read in the scriptures that He was the creator of the worlds, that He gave the promises of the 10 commandments, that He delivered the Israelites from the Egyptians, that He parted the Red Sea, etc. Our Savior…the God of heaven and Earth…He was our Savior…by faith. By faith in the same Word of God that we have today. By faith in the outworking of the Holy Spirit that we too can have. He went day by day living as our Savior by faith…and we, His people, are called to live by the same faith. Amazing isn't it?  

Not only that…He gave up knowing the future, how it would end, knowing that God would accept His offering of His blood, knowing that He would raise from the grave. When going through the hardest time of His human life, Gethsemane, He had to cling to faith, just like we are called to do as well. 

Oh, how I've been pondering what an incredible gift we were given 2,000 years ago. It was an incredible risk…yet was something all heaven risked so that we could have the choice to be saved. Knowing that Jesus, my loving Savior and redeemer, would have gone through all of that just for me, is simply incomprehensible. What a God we serve. And oh, how little we ponder and behold the one who has done so much for us. Yet as we do…we become changed into His very image, for how can we stand, or bowing before Him, behold Him and ponder all that He has done for us and the immense love He has poured out upon us, and not be changed. 

The gospel: yes it is good news, the best news in the world…yet it's not just that Jesus died for us. It's also that He lived for us, He lived that perfectly surrendered life, so that we, when fully connected to Him, can also live that completely victorious life. For who…when we really know our Lord as He would have us know Him, could fathom of doing anything to hurt Him. And as we behold Him we will walk…just…as He walked…

For we are not just here to make it to heaven, yet to perfectly reflect our Savior, to vindicate His character to the world and to show the world and Satan that his accusations are completely and totally false. And when God's people have reached the point where we perfectly reflect His image, as the moon reflects the light of the Sun, and Jesus reflected His Father to the earth…then…Jesus can come. And because Jesus has done it…lived in our fallen flesh…and come out a victor…we…can too. And all of heaven will rejoice and satan trembles for he knows his time is short.

Just a few thoughts...

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Getting ready for ASI ~

We just got home late last night from Hartland Camp-meeting (I'll report about the amazing blessings we received there later) and are in high-gear getting ready for ASI. I ordered all our supplies before we left and came home to a door-full of boxes. So today I've been sorting, organizing, and filling, filling, and more filling of jars of essential oils. This year we have two new oils: Lemongrass and Pink Grapefruit. I really like the scents!

Monday, July 23, 2012

A Box ~

It's amazing how much fun one can have with simple things. Last summer we got a new washer and dryer and of course, they come in bog boxes. Evan & Nalani decided to put the box to good use and make a house out of it. It sat in the garage all winter and this week Nalani got it out to play with. She and Nyah had a lot of fun. You can't tell but it has a sink, counter, etc. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

On our knees ~

There are times in our lives when we realize…the only place to be…is on our knees. 

When life is going well, we should be on our knees thanking the Lord. 
When we have had an amazing experience with our Savior, we should be on our knees praising Him. When we are going through the hardest times in our lives, we should be on our knees crying out to Him. 
When we don't know where to turn, we should be found on our knees seeking His direction. 
When we don't know what to say, we should be found on our knees asking for His words. 
When we feel like all is lost, we should be on our knees laying our lives in His hands and surrendering our all to Him. 
When we see our loving Lord hanging upon the cross so we can have the choice to live, we should be found on our knees praising Him for the gift that cost His all to give us a gift that we don't deserve. When we don't know how to get back up, we can be on our knees crying out to the only one who can truly lift us up. 
When we gain the victories that we never thought we could gain, we should be on our knees glorifying the Lord for His victory in us. 

When we bow before our Maker, Redeemer, King, Father, Comforter, and Friend…somehow things just seem a little more clear and the impossible become possible. We don't always have to understand, yet we know and trust the one in whose hands our lives are held. 

When the trials and tribulations of the world seems to be creeping in, it's the time on our knees that helps us go on. 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

A promise that brings comfort ~

The Father’s presence encircled Christ, and nothing befell Him but that which infinite love permitted for the blessing of the world. Here was His source of comfort, and it is for us. He who is imbued with the Spirit of Christ abides in Christ. Whatever comes to him comes from the Saviour, who surrounds him with His presence. Nothing can touch him except by the Lord’s permission. All our sufferings and sorrows, all our temptations and trials, all our sadness and griefs, all our persecutions and privations, in short, all things work together for our good. All experiences and circumstances are God’s workmen whereby good is brought to us. {MH 488.4}

On: relating with others ~

Every association of life calls for the exercise of self-control, forbearance, and sympathy. We differ so widely in disposition, habits, education, that our ways of looking at things vary. We judge differently. Our understanding of truth, our ideas in regard to the conduct of life, are not in all respects the same. There are no two whose experience is alike in every particular. The trials of one are not the trials of another. The duties that one finds light are to another most difficult and perplexing.  {MH 483.1}

So frail, so ignorant, so liable to misconception is human nature, that each should be careful in the estimate he places upon another. We little know the bearing of our acts upon the experience of others. What we do or say may seem to us of little moment, when, could our eyes be opened, we should see that upon it depended the most important results for good or for evil.  {MH 483.2}

Friday, July 13, 2012

Getting ready for Sabbath ~ Hallah Bread

We love making Sabbath special. One thing that Nalani especially loves is making Hallah bread for the bringing in of Sabbath. Here are just a couple pictures of what it looks like. :) 

Nalani ~ Violin

Nalani just loves playing the violin! The Lord has really given her an amazing gift to be able to pick up the piano and violin and play by ear. Here are a few pictures that we got of her. :) 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Excitotoxins ~ Our experience...

As I was studying about excitotoxins I was quite grateful that we eliminated most all of those items awhile ago. I couldn't think of anything that we ate that could possibly contain excitotoxins.


This morning my mom decided that she wanted me to make french toast for breakfast since I've made so much bread lately. Down stairs she went to get our MoriNu Extra Firm Silken Tofu, which is one of the key ingredients in our recipe. She decided to look at the ingredient list only to find that it has "Soy Isolate Protein!!!"

There went our french toast for breakfast…instead I made pancakes. :)

We are always learning and growing.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Excitotoxins ~ Just the beginning...

"Satan is constantly on the alert to bring the race fully under his control. His strongest hold on man is through the appetite, and this he seeks to stimulate in every possible way. All unnatural excitants are harmful, and they cultivate the desire for liquor. How can we enlighten the people, and prevent the terrible evils that result from the use of these things? Have we done all that we can do in this direction?"—Christian Temperance and Bible Hygiene, 16, 1890 {CD 150.1}

Excitotoxins cause brain cell damage or death within 1-3 hours of consumption, in higher centers of the brain, cognitive thinking, learning, memory, reason, etc. 

"Today, virtually all of the neurodegenerative diseases are now considered to be intimately  related to the excitotoxic process. Seizures, headaches, strokes, brain injury and developmental brain disorders are all intimately related to excitotoxins. " Dr. Russell L. Blaylock, M.D. 

How they make hydrolyzed vegetable protein:

It's also referred to as vegetable protein or plant protein. "Made from junk vegetables which are unfit for sale, and especially selected so as to have naturally high contents of glutamate. The extraction process of hydrolysis involves boiling these vegetables in vat of acid. This is followed by a process of neutralization with caustic soda. The resulting product is a brown sludge that collects on the top. This is scraped off and allowed to dry. The end product is a brown powder that is high in three known excitotoxins - glutamate, aspartate, and cystoic acid (which converts in the body to cysteine)"

Found in most all of the processed fake meats, in soup mixes, flavorings, protein drinks, etc. 

"The amount of MSG in a single bowl of commercially available soup in probably enough to cause blood glutamate levels to rise higher in a human child than levels that predictably cause brain damage in immature animals." Olnay, J.W. "Glutamate: A Neurotoxic Transmitter." 

MSG is always in: 
-hydrolyzed veg. protein 
-hydrolyzed or autolyzed anything
-plant protein extract
-sodium & calcium caseinate (found in some firm tofu)
-yeast extract (main ingredient in Marmite)
-textured vegetable protein

Most always in:
-malt extract (in carob chips)
-malt flavoring 
-whey protein
-natural flavorings
-soy protein
-soy protein isolate (Braggs is this) 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A few pictures from this summer ~


Nyah looking at something under the steps

Looking at Nalani's little book

Nalani and some friends

Picking peas from the garden. I helped with the delivery of the little boy 4 years ago!

The beach...

A dear friends new little baby. 

Nyah playing piano

Nalani and Nyah picking strawberries


A flower and peas

Friday, June 8, 2012

A thought from my quiet time ~

As I was reading this morning I came across this quote: "kneeling in faith at the cross, he has reached the highest place to which man can attain."

Isn't that powerful?!

When we realize our nothingness, when our glory is laid in the dust, when we see our true condition and fall helpless at the foot of the cross, Jesus draws us to look up to Him. And as we, beholding Him, contemplate and begin to understand the immense love He has for us then…"with the light that streams from Calvary shining in our faces, we may go forth to reveal this light to those in darkness."

Monarch Caterpillars ~

Each year one of the joys of spring is raising monarch caterpillars. We all love finding them and raising them. Right now we have 13 in all different phases. Here are a few pictures. :) And a few flower pictures, with one of my sweet Tinkerbell.