Saturday, January 28, 2012

Quick Update ~

It's getting late and sometimes my body goes on MI time… so I'll try and recap the past several days.

Praise the Lord I'm recovered from the migraine, it took a couple days but all is well now. The dear sweet older woman had some tough times which led to her being taken to the doctor and she went to the hospital for a blood transfusion (which we found out she gets quite frequently) and will be coming back to us tomorrow.
The Snyder's are doing great! I almost "killed" (David's words) David on a walk the other day, but praise the Lord, he survived :)
My mom had her first attempt at a fever treatment bath. And spent some time with dear Uncle Schubert, our personal in house cardiologist, doing some tests on her heart and trying to figure out what the best treatment will be. It's quite a change for her to be the patient rather than the one treating others. She's doing quite well though. The other day she was wanting some sympathy for some of the things she has to drink so she had David try it…she's now got his sympathy, but still has to take it.
I've tried some of the drinks, some are great…others…well…after the look on my face after trying it Trish totally refused trying any!
I've been able to help Janet out with keeping everyone on schedule, it's been fun being her co-pilot when she's gone or busy.
Nalani is just as sweet as ever and being oh so very helpful.
Oh…I burnt my hand a couple days ago getting a pan of squash I made out of the oven after putting it at 500 degrees. There was a hole in the hot pad which wasn't realized until I grabbed the pan with my bare skin. Praise the Lord it's not as bad as it could have been. It's just kinda hard to have to do just about everything with my right, non-dominant, hand, but it's better than it could have been.

Sabbath…oh what a wonderful day it was today. :) Last night we went and heard a thought-provoking sermon by Peter Gregory, last minute but everyone was happy to be spontaneous.
Today we went to AdventHope and then to LLU Church. It was such a beautiful day today! After the services we went over to a dear Doctors house and had sweet fellowship and wonderful food with many people, some that we'd met before and others that we just met. We then took a walk up the mountain and saw the sunset and the view overlooking Loma Linda. It was a nice closing of the Sabbath, also…we picked some oranges, grapefruit, comcuats (sp?) off of some trees. We got back to the house closed Sabbath, had some amazing popcorn and then headed back home…

Time for sleep ~ tomorrow we're back on our schedule.

Blessings ~

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