Tuesday, January 3, 2012

GYC 2011 ~

GYC this year was such a blessing! It was my fourth year working logistics and oh what a blessing it was. The spirit of the attendees was amazing, due to some glitches our registration was 3 hours late in starting, yet instead of complaining or getting upset those waiting in line took the time to sing hymns, pray and encourage one another and those of us working registration. When it was finally up and going the whole group of over 100 people broke out singing "Praise the the Lord!" People were there from far and near to hear the gospel and be filled with the spirit. Our theme this year was "Fill Me: Our Earnest Plea" There were people there from over 66 countries and when I counted on Sabbath we had almost 7,000 people there. Aside from working logistics our family also had an exhibit there for "The Creator's Way."

It was busy busy busy at the booths this year. We worked long and hard hours before GYC to get my 6 DVD presentations ready to take down to GYC. That meant: duplication, compilation, designing DVD and Insert covers (thank you Evan!!!)  then burning all the copies, then putting the DVD labels on then inserting the DVD cover and putting everything together. We also had to put together the Herbal Remedies First Aid kits, and a dear friend Trish was SO kind to come and help for two days to get those ready.

The people were really interested this year. It was so exciting.

One day the choir director of the academy that was going to be singing that evening started talking to my mom. She shared with her that her knee was hurting and she was concerned about how she was going to conduct, my mom told her about our All Purpose Healing Salve, the lady got some and the next evening she came back to our Exhibit with the wonderful testimony that she had used the salve and was able to conduct without any pain and that as she continued using the salve her pain was still gone. Praise the Lord.

We also had another person come up to the booth that was struggling with a lot of congestion and sinus issues. I suggested that they try some Herbal Chest Rub and see if it would help. A few minutes after they had applied some they came back and bought a jar saying that they could already sense improvement and that they were breathing better.

This year I made my own seminar to accompany the Anna's Wild Yam Cream that we sell. It made a nice set for women, and many women that came to the booth were excited to see it.

Those are just a couple of the stories we have from our Exhibit time at GYC. White there we were able to get out over 300 of my DVD's, including a sermon that I did a couple years ago which we passed out on Sabbath. To check them out go to our website or you can email me and ask me. :)

I'll post more stories when I get a chance. We had quite the adventures driving there and back. 26 hours one way! The Lord really blessed.

I've got to head to school now so I'll have to write more later…

Blessings to you all ~

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