Thursday, February 2, 2012

A few pictures ~

Here are a few pictures I've taken with my phone along the way. I just figured out how to post them so we'll see how many more I can get on to give a taste of our time here. 

This is one of the places we stopped on Highway 1. 

Nalani has been a big helper! Here she is making scrambled tofu for breakfast. 

Since I'm in school now I couldn't take three weeks off, so I'm doing school via Skype! This is me "in class" while I was eating breakfast. With the time change I start class at 6:00AM here. 

Nalani on one of our many walks. :)

Nalani and I playing with her ball, we got up to 63 times passing it back and forth. 

Some food at the market

Nalani playing on the gate that is on the road where we walk. 

This is where we went for a walk on Sabbath afternoon. The city below is Loma Linda. 

This is the view from our room. 

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