Monday, January 23, 2012

The Program ~ Day 1

I just got out of a steam shower treatment and have to rest for 30 minutes, so I thought I'd take this time to blog. :)

Well…we arrived last night…it was quite the journey down here. We started our day off quite early, due to the fact that we aren't on California time yet it makes it easier to wake up early. Especially when you go to bed around 7:30-8:30PM. So, we woke up early so I could go to the beach and look for shells and sand-dollars a little before sunrise. We all drove down only to realize that the "beach" they sent us to was not a beach at all, just the place where the water met the rocks. So we decided to walk the other direction, and after several attempts Nalani and I finally found a place where we could get down to the beach. Nalani didn't approve of the place for she thought it was risky so I went ahead showing her that it was a safe place where we wouldn't get overtaken by the waves. My mom and Trish followed just a little behind.

We walked and walked and ran and searched the barren beach for any signs of shells or sand-dollars only to find a few broken pieces of shells. I decided to continue my search and saw a place that looked like it might have some so I ran over there (oh…it's about 41 degrees out and cloudy and the waves are ginormous due to the storms) and as I went to pick my foot up my shoe stayed behind, so I reached down to grab my shoe just in time before a wave came crashing towards me and there I was, not going to try and move away from it thinking that if I did I'd lose my other shoe, and trying to keep my balance so that I wouldn't fall in. Well…I saved my shoes yet was soaking wet up to my knees. My socks that were white, were now speckled black from the sand and my shoe was filled with sand and water. Oh did I mention that the tide was coming in and we had walked quite a ways down the beach? So we decided to get off the beach so that we all wouldn't be trapped by the incoming tide. The only issue was that the car was anything but close and I was now walking with soaking wet socks w/out shoes and we didn't know how to get back via the road…what to do…well…walk across the people's yard right? Well…if it was grass that'd be one thing but this was a plant that was like aloe only firmer yet smoother, yet it was better than the other option. So walk we did, and did it ever feel weird under my feet. But we made it! We got back to the hotel, tried to wash up our things and put them in bags. This is the first ever trip that I only brought what I needed (or thought I needed) so I only have 1 pair of shoes, 1 pair of flip-flops and 1 pair of Sabbath shoes. So…flip-flops it was, in the now 41 degree rainy weather. But hey, at least I had shoes!

We got on the road and had a beautiful drive stopping at so many different places. It was cloudy but oh so beautiful. God is such an amazing God, and His creation is a wonder to see. To make a long story short…we got 50 miles down Highway 1 from Monterrey and found ourselves at a barricaded road. On Highway 1 when the road is closed the only option is to turn around and go back…and for us it was 50 miles back. Yet 50 miles on Highway 1 is like 100 miles on a normal road if not more. When we got to there we were 175 miles from our destination yet by the time we found our other route we were over 300 miles away. The GPS kept trying to get us to make a u-turn all the way back. We felt bad for all those driving down the road that didn't know what was ahead of them. We were thinking of the object lessons that we could get out of it. How we should be just as urgent and wanting to share the truth with others as were were to warn those going down the road.

We arrived last night around 9:30PM and got all settled in our rooms. Today started off early. I did vitals for the people this morning and then they started with lemon salt water, juicing, steam baths, drinks, etc. There are 4 people here getting treatments, it's going to be quite the experience. Today my mom, Nalani, and I with a dear older woman that was just diagnosed with lung cancer had a steam treatment. It was quite the treatment! The have about 15 feet ceilings and 5 shower heads that come out of the shower and steam too. I've never seen Nalani drink so much water so quickly. She did really well.

I am now done with my resting time and should go make lunch for those of us that are eating.

I'll update later ~ and put in some pictures too...

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