Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sabbath at Home with my Mom ~

Happy Sabbath Everyone. Yesterday evening I had my first attempt at giving my mom a fever treatment. Where we are going they are wanting to get her temperature up to 104 for quite some time. Due to my mom's health and the severity of her case I was advised to start her as soon as possible. I also thought it'd be wise to try and ease her into the intense fever treatments. So last night after worship I gave her my first treatment. She went for about 30 minutes before feeling extremely weak, nauseated and desperate to get out. I had cold on her head and she was drinking a lot of lemon water. We got her temperature up above 101 for maybe 8 minutes and that's all she could handle.

This morning she's really not doing well so home we are, taking care of mom. She is so weak and her voice is still slurred and slow. We're all kinda getting used to it now.

We appreciate all of your prayers and concern, and advice. This is a new venture for all of us.

We leave in 4 days...

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  1. Pam we miss you.Alex ask for you,he look all week to go to church to attend his clase.God is with you and We Praise God for the oportunity to know you.You and your lovely family are always in our Prayers.Love you Cinthia Alvarado.
    PS.(Laura gracias to keep us update God Bless.)