Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Migraine ~

Yesterday my afternoon was interrupted by a migraine! I've not had one in about 8 years so it's was kinda a surprise. So…I'm typing and not really looking at the computer since my head/ eyes still hurt to focus on anything. 

One prayer request: a dear older woman, in her 80's, is here that was just diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer. We've all been helping her and she is such a dear woman. One thing that wasn't known was that she has Type II Diabetes. Yesterday when the Lord impressed someone to take her blood sugar it was over 200 and today it was 443. She collapsed and has been in critical condition. A couple people just took her to the doctor. We'd all appreciate your prayers for her. They just gave her a few days to live. She's been doing quite well with the treatments. 

We're also grateful to have two of our dearest friends with us here too. The Snyder's. The Lord has been blessing them and they are both doing great and feeling better after only a couple days. Praise the Lord. 

That's the update for now…I can't be on the computer for too long or my head starts really hurting and my vision gets weird. 

Oh…it's a beautiful sunny day here and 80 degrees!! :)


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  1. I've had migraine headaches also, they are not fun to go through at all -aren't they suppose to be from too much stress or something? Hope you get better soon! I'll be praying!