Saturday, March 7, 2009

You just never know...

I'm not feeling really "blogy" right now... I've had the same line typed, which I just deleted to write this btw, for about 2 hours.

My fire has just about gone out, literally, and I need to go stoke it, as well as make my granola. Yet I figured I'd write a few lines about my past several days.

I was scared that Angie was in labor so we made a mad rush to get everything done in the house, threw some clothes in a suitcase and ran out the door to drive the three hours down here. Didi was so kind to let us stay at her house, I invited ourselves for an unknown amount of time.

I just had this feeling that something might happen and to be 3 hours away was not very comforting. So down we came.

It's now been 4 days, and still no baby.

Thursday, the day after we drove down, she was in labor all day, we were sure it was the real thing. We had a nice, "fun" day at the house, in all diff positions, me playing on the birthing ball, us three ladies sitting on the bed looking at my blog pictures, washing dishes with Celest, reading in front of the fire... and then towards evening everything slowed down and by the time we went to bed it had really slowed down.

Back to Josh & Didi's I came, with them totally surprised that I had come back without a baby being born.

I've been having a wonderful time with my "nephew" and Didi & Josh even if Angie has not had her baby.

Tonight they left me at the house to go to Didi's "surprise" birthday party, to watch the baby. I have to say that I did offer to stay and take care of the sweet little one so that his mommy & daddy could go and not have to have him up late. I'm just hoping they bring me back some yummy vegan carrot-cake.

I had a nice time reading the Testimonies and Desire of Ages, and have been attempting to keep the fire in the fireplace going. Now I shall go make granola...

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