Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Baking bread, and more bread, and even more bread

So we have about 17 - 20 people coming to stay at our house this weekend. Quite exciting, yes, and with the excitement comes quite a bit of preparation. Today was bread making day. How much bread can 24 people eat over a weekend? Who knows, we will soon find out. Yet we want to have plenty so that we won't run out. Our goal is to make 40 loaves, today we made 20 regular loaves and one braided loaf (no picture because it was in the oven.) I've washed bread pans, raising bowls and the bosh at least 4 times today. The house smelled wonderful today!

Here is a loaf that we forgot to get out of the bread machine and so it cooked in there...

Here's a little sample of our final products...
french toast will be soo good with this bread (vegan of course ;) )

Tomorrow we will be making 20 more loaves,
3 more loaves of braided bread and bunches and bunches of waffles.


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  1. MMM yummo!! I love bread baking. Maybe you should post your recipe.:) Ya I made the bags for my kits- mom's idea- they were too boring in just a plastic trash bag!I need to call you! Have fun with your company.:)