Friday, March 20, 2009

The baby that just did not want to come.

To be a bridesmaid for a friend is an honor and yet to be asked to deliver a friends baby is a gift that most people never get the privilege to experience. Last June at camp meeting we drove up to my dear friends camp-site to say goodbye and as she stood by the van she asked me something that shocked me.

"You're pregnant and you want me to deliver your baby?"

Never did I realize what that one question would lead to, that one little question changed a few courses in my life and led to places I never would have dreamed of.

Nine months later here we were, praying that she would go into labor when I was close enough and would have enough time to make it. Three hours is a bit far for a third baby but trusting the Lord would provide we waited... and waited... and waited...This little one really made her mommy work. After 4 weeks of labor and 2-3 false alarms we were wondering when this little girl would ever come.

Laying in bed, about to fall asleep I started thinking about my schedule. We were in the middle of our health series and there were only certain days that we were there and it would really be best if the baby was born while I was where we were having the series being that it was an hour and a half closer to her than home was.

Tonight, I decided, would be the best night for her to be born. My mom would need me the next night for the health seminar and then we would be driving home that night for the next couple days. There wouldn't be another night that we would be this close for the next week. Yup, tonight would be the best. So I decided to pray that if it was the Lord's will that she would go into labor that night. That might sound rather strange yet I've had several babies be born exactly when I needed them to be.

2:27am bzzzz....bzzzzz....bzzzzzz I rubbed my eyes and grabbed my phone. It was her sister

"They're 1-2 minutes apart"

I started throwing my clothes on, not even sure if I would make it but my prayers started and didn't end until I ran through their door an hour and a half later that if it was the Lord's will that I would make it for the delivery.

I ran to their door and "peacefully" walked into the door, happy to see that the baby had not been born.

It was another three long long hours until precious little Lydia was brought into this world. It was such an incredible blessing to bring a little one into the world knowing that her parents were going to bring her up for the Lord. We prayed all through her contractions those three hours and cried out to the Lord when the contractions seemed to hard to struggle through. There were so many object lessons that we all received through this experience. Do we long for the Lord to come as much as a laboring mother longs for her baby to be born?

I look forward to all the many wonderful memories that I will have with my dearest little "niece." It will be amazing to be able to watch her grow and to help her learn of her precious Saviour that helped me to help her mommy bring her into the world.

Lydia ~ 8 lb 4oz 19 3/4 inches long

Her daddy had tears streaming down his face as he saw his daughter coming into the world. What an honor and responsibility to be the Priest of a family and a protector of his daughter.

Me holding her after I got cleaned up... I got just a bit messy!
Yet it was my own fault, I stood in a bad place when I broke her water.

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