Friday, March 27, 2009

A post by Amy...I just had to post it on here :)

A post!

I'm sitting here with Laura, tea kettle boiling on the cook stove across the room, clock ticking nearby, writing in the soft glowing light of our lone kerosene lamp. Laura's pouring over labor records, coying the needed ones for her CPM program In the bedroom Ada's resting, nestled in bed with her 2 1/2 hour old baby son, Mosie.
I was SO excited when Freida called me tonight around 5 pm...
"Do you want to go to a birth?"
"Sure!" ( This was a treat, I don't often get called since she has other helpers!)
"Well I have two mom's going and they both called back just now to say it's serious. I'm headed to the one and maybe you can go to Lodi with Laura?"

"Can you hurry? Are you ready?"

"Yes! I'm ready. Id just came home

She mentions meeting Laura and begins to give me direstions, meanwhile I was hurrily trying to tie my shoes and hang onto the phone.

"Oh never mind, I'll call Laura and give her directions so you can get ready."

"I have my coat and shoes. Will be out the door in a minute!

I'd just gotten home from a long day of prenatals, cleaned my car, and planned on making something yummy for dinner, then having a fun evening relaxing with the kids and Laura since Dad and Mom were gone to New York for the weekend, but this change of plans would be great!
I flew to Millersburg to meet Laura who had anothet tale of events in getting ready to go like pinning up her hair in the people's driveway and scribbling directions as she was driving!

We FLEW down 83 toward Lodi at a rather rapid speed, (Laura passing two cars at once!) and as we sailed along we laughed at how our first meeting was her coming to help me with a delivery and now the tables turned.

Almost to SR 250 Laura suddenly realized her sabbath clothes weren't exactly fit for a delivery outfit so as we pull up to the light she dives into the back seat as I slide over into the the drivers seat and the light turns green. So 60 mph and Laura changes into delivery clothes... squealing tires at the next light... running in the door... waiting... and this will continue later!

We ended up with another delivery within 24hrs... Ruby Beachy

Ruby again, a few days later. Isn't she simply adorable!?

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