Friday, March 20, 2009

Midnight Adventures

I felt like I was one of the people that was stuck outside of the ark when it began to rain.

Well, maybe not that bad but that's what I felt like last night when I was trying to break into our house. I can just imagine that after that first rain drop fell they were going all around the ark seeing if there was any possible way for them to get in. Desperate to get in they were banging and prying at any possible entrance. Their lives were at stake and now after all their mocking and laughter they knew it.

No, my life was not at stake, but it was really late and very cold outside. We were driving home from our last Health Seminar presentation for this week when, about 10 miles from home, I asked my mom if she had the keys that had the house key on it...


"No, I thought that you said you had it..."

And that began the longest 15 minutes from home...

It was about midnight, we weren't about to turn around and go the 2 hours back to the church where we were sure we had left the keys.

I'm really good at locking up the house at night and the previous night I had locked the one window that was unlocked on the main floor.

We drove into the driveway and with determination I got out of the car walking around to try and find a way in. I'm happy to say that someone would have to try really really hard and be quite obvious to actually break into our home :) But this was the one time that I was not too happy with my skills of making sure nobody could get in. All the doors and windows were locked on the main floor.

I had an idea...


My poor cat was longingly looking out the window wondering why we weren't just coming in.

I got ready to climb up... hmm... thinking in my mind "I really really hope I don't fall off these things, that would hurt quite badly..."

Huh?? Where did those lights come from???

"Mom, what are you doing? How did you get in?" I asked with complete surprise.

"I found the keys, they were on the floor of my seat." She happily responded, still looking at me a bit strange wondering what I was doing.

Praise the Lord, we don't know how the keys got there but am I ever glad that they were. We were so close to home yet without our key it was practically impossible to find entrance.

Home seemed even nicer last night, the fact that we had struggled and earnestly sought for any way to find entrance made it even better.

This is kind of like how heaven will be. All our struggles and trials that we have faced here will make heaven all the more wonderful. The Lord is standing at the door, yet He has to wait for us to let Him in. Are we seeking the Lord and His truth as much as we seek for earthly things? Do we strive for the goal, or is it just something that we try half-hearted for. Sometimes it seems like we know the truth yet it has not really hit our hearts and changed our lives. We are told that if we seek Him we will find Him, if we search for Him with all our hearts.

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  1. Wow, great writing! But it's kinda a how-to manual for how to break in your home...

    Difficulty level:

    What you'll need:
    a) 1 stack of chairs
    b) 1 bobby pin

    Step one...