Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Power of the Mind

"But I haven't had you for a very long time!!" Were the heart-broken cries coming from my sister as I told her that I would not be sleeping with her last night. 

She was not excited in the least bit at the idea of sleeping in her bed. 

Then I remembered... 

"look at the sleeping baby, the sleeping baby" I sang, with a smile

Silence filled the room,  she carefully closed her eyes and tilted her head as to appear sound asleep. 

I played with this for several moments as I quietly covered her up, gave her her birth blanket and  "Anna", every few minutes saying:

"Oh, look at the sleeping baby, she's soo peaceful"

And so she stayed until she fell fast asleep. 

It's amazing, the power of the mind. She went from great, loud cries that didn't appear to be ending any time soon to as quiet as a mouse, with just a simple phrase. 

Tonight, she's happy because it's "girls night" and I'm going to give her a massage, well unless she's asleep by the time I get up there. 

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