Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"There's One!!"

"I think I saw one this way."

“I don’t see any tracks ” I stated, still intently staring at the road.

“I know this is the road that I saw one come down” My mom responded

We were on our way to the health food store and mom decided to see if we could find the Amish down this one road. I found the address for the bishop and before we knew it we came upon the road where they lived. So down the road we went in search of the Amish.

“Look, that’s a Swartzentruber home!!” I stated oh so excitedly

“Really” My mom said, a bit surprised that I was so sure just by seeing a house by the road.

“I’m 99% sure, it just has to be, it looks exactly like all the ones I saw in Ohio”
So down the road we turned to see if I was right.

“Oh look, a wide brimmed hat, oh and there’s the clothes-line, oh, see the little girl?” I was positive and oh so very excited, we found the Swartzentrubers!!

“There’s another Swartzentruber house mom, and another one, oh and I’m sure that’s another one too. We found the community!”

We drove by slowly, looking closely, my mom taking it all in as I described all the unique characteristics of the Swartzentrubers.

After going a bit further we found the bishops home, it even had a dotti-house connected to it.

Tomorrow I shall gather some things and go visit the bishop and his family.

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