Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Amazing Adventures with Amy ~Part 3

Driving around trying to find wireless in the middle of "Amish-country" can seem quite hopeless of a pursuit. After writing and writing and more writing for several hours, I had the brilliant idea of photo-copying the charts rather than hand-writing every single one out. So, in search of Staples I went. On my journey home I called an unexpected call from my dear friend down here wondering what my "plans" were for the afternoon. I knew exactly what this meant... more "amazing adventures with Amy & Laura"... I quickly drove home and ate while I awaited the call to meet Amy at our designated spot.

Waiting seems to be something I do quite a bit down here at times... so I went up to Freida's and put on a CD while I finished eating. The strangest thought crossed my mind, who knows where it came from but I decided to heed it and downstairs I ran to get what I ha not touched since coming here. I brought my flute upstairs, put it together and turned the CD back to what seemed like an "easy" song. Playing by ear is something that is like speaking Pennsylvania Dutch to me. Yet all alone in the house felt like a safe place to play around and see what I could do. Amazingly enough I got some of the notes and it was kinda fun. By the time I had about finished picking out one song Amy called to let me know she was ready for me.

Going as fast as I could and still going backwards was not getting me anywhere that I wanted to go. Our lane is sheer ice and my wheels were not doing a good job skating up the hill.

Our crazy adventures started replaying in my mind as we started on our journey to some of the same home that we had gone to before. Most of the lanes were sheer ice and as we started sliding backwards in the same lane where we had gotten stuck in the snow bank the previous time I quickly tried "helping" Amy guide us back out to the road. There was a truck full of sand right behind us watching us struggle to get any traction before sliding right into the bank on the other side of the road yet all he did was back up and make room so that we wouldn't hit him. We were both longing for some of his sand, it would have been an instant remedy, yet it was so close yet unattainable. We got about the same distance up the lane as we did the previous week and got our exercise, fresh air, and sunshine in as we trekked the slippery journey to the cabin in the woods.

Oh, how could I forget this part... Amy would have been soo disappointed if I failed to mention how I got out of the car... Amy's car is a good reflection on what the human state is... looking heavenward so we can be made new. Her can handle broke, yet again, and now you can't use it to get either in nor out. Not knowing how else I was going to get out I decided to climb out the window. Amy couldn't believe what I was doing yet being no-body was around I saw no harm in it. From then on we just left both our doors open a bit so we could get back in.

We went to a few more prentals, well maybe just one other one... almost got stuck in their lane. The children and husband were intently watching us as I prayed and floored it to try and get out of their lane. After much wheel spinning and sliding we successfully made it up and out, almost into some hay barrels, onto the main road.

Being I hadn't been successful at getting a little rocker for my adorable little sister, Amy and I decided to try the previous place again. This time we knew where we were going and wouldn't have to make several wrong stops on our way. The big question was... will they have one?
We drove up to the house, knocked on the door and waited, and waited... were they even home. We soon heard some footsteps and the doorhandle started to turn. He recognized us immediatly. Into the shop we went... it was empty! He said that he had sold all the rest of his little ones at the shop but that he had one rocker left, would it be the right size and color? As he lifted up the cover I was praying that it would be what I was looking for. A huge smile spread across my face, it was it!! Exactly what I wanted and the perfect size. I was about to jump up and down, and then I realized where I was. "Praise the Lord, this is exactly what I want" I joyfully exclaimed.

Now off to go get an Amish man to take him to the hospital to see his wife that had just had a baby that morning. Amy and I had the most wonderful car ride sharing what we had been studying in our devotions and what the Lord had been teaching us the past week. We arrived at Adam's mother's home and he, Barbara's mother, and their little girl piled in. Next stop... his mothers place, she was going to come along as well. How fun for me to be an "Amish driver" We had a nice time driving and all walked into the hospital up to the very same room where Cevilla had been the week before. As they put the little one on the bed her legs caught my eye, I could not believe what I saw, my heart immediately went out to the little one and I inquired about it's origination and prayed that I would know of some way to help her. Fear ceased her as we had walked into the room, unsure what was going on I just took a mental note of it. Yet now it was starting to make sense as the story unraveled. In August of last year the little one, now two, was standing by the fire when the baby inside the house started to cry. The babysitter ran in the house to tend to the little one, telling the little girl not to go too close to the fire as she was running to the house. The little girl sadly didn't heed the warning and when the babysitter retunred a few moments later the girl was inwrapped in flames. Over 30% of her body was burned. They wanted to heal it naturally yet when they went to the doctor they ended up doing skkin-grafts without the parents wanting it. The grafts didn't heal well and she has terrible keyloid scars all over her body, is in constant pain and misery while trying to heal. I spent the next while thinking and talking on the phone about what we could do. They had fled their country in order to be able to care for their daughter in the way they saw best. And now they were here, this morning intending to go back home yet a sudden crisis arose which put the lives of both Barbara and the baby in her womb at risk. Now here I was, grateful to be able to offer some support and advice on what to do...

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  1. Ok Laura I can't wait to see this next one! Last night was another grand adventure... just put my door latch issue in a kind light!:)