Thursday, February 5, 2009

My "gimpy" day

Crack, pop, pull, snap....

"Did that hurt?" Emily asked with a concerned tone of voice

"Not really, it just felt really weird." I answered unsure about the results of what was just done to me.

Today was a full, and I mean full, day of prenatals. We had 15 scheduled visits and 2 other "stops" that we had to make at people's homes. It was my last prenatal day and a full one it would be. This was not the day to be bothered by an injury, let alone a month-old one. I went to bed feeling fairly well but I awoke with a sharp pain in my ankle. Being who I am I decided not to let it stop me from doing anything and got myself ready and out the door excited about our day. After the first few houses Freida noticed that I was limping around and not putting any weight on my foot when I was standing. I went from being the care provider to the paitient. I really prefer to be the one helping those that are hurt than being the one that is hurt. Out came Dr. Christopher's Bone & Cartilage ointment and at the next Swartzentruber home Freida fixed me up, oh how the burning tingling feeling felt so good. Not wanting to miss anything I would pull a chair along with me all over the house and sit so that I could still see what was happening, standing up when it was time for me to do the measuring and listening. I really didn't want to sit in the corner and watch all day, especially not on my last day! We had some wonderful visits, it was weird saying goodbye to everyone not knowing if or when I would see them again. I have grown so much to love this area and the people.

I forgot this story… on my gimpy day, it was quite snowy outside. We went to go in this really long lane, not sure if we could make it we got a running start and plowed through to get to the house. This was a client that had just sent a letter to Freida letter her know that she was overdue and was wanting Freida to deliver her baby. We had a nice visit and gathered our things to go. We jumped in the car not even thinking that we might now make it out. We got almost to the end and we were stuck! After rocking it back and forth with no headway Emily got out and decided she was try and push. I offered to get out too but Freida would not hear of it. We tried rocking ourselves as we rocked the car, that was quite the site seeing Freida and I rocking frontwards and backwards with the car, but amazingly it seemed to work. Anyways, 4 of the Amish men/boys came out and helped us and after another 10 minutes of pushing, shoveling, and more rocking we finally sped out... just about into an oncoming truck!! Our hearts were racing after our close encounter with death, and then off we headed to our next visits...

As we were driving home Freida decided that she thought I should have my ankle looked at, especially since it had not hurt for about a month and now I was having such sharp constant pain. In effort to try and figure out what might be the cause we thought over what I had done the previous day, my adventurous day with Amy. The only thing that could possibly have hurt me would have been when I jumped out of Amy's window onto the ice, but I wasn't convinced that that was the culprit, so off to the chiropractor we went to see what he could figure out. He told me some medical thing that I had done and then he gave me an adjustment and said that it should be all better soon. It was kinda like whenever the children I took care of would get an "owie" and I would kiss it and it would be "all better." But anyways, I left not sure whether it would do much good.

We still had another prenatal and visit to go do before going home, today would be a 12 hour work day!

As we were on our way to the last home, the one where the mother had a misscarriage, I had the greatest idea...


"Yes, Laura?"

"Ya know what sounds really really good?"

"Hm, what?"

"Your favorite food... popcorn and smoothies!"

"Oh, that sounds really good, let's do it"

Cheers heard from all in the car, what a happy thought!

When we were at the last home we told them that we were going home to make popcorn and smoothies and the little 2 year old girl told her mommy that she was going to come home with us because she wanted to come eat popcorn. She said it in all seriousness, I couldn't understand her being that she was speaking Pennsylvania Dutch but I knew it had to be something funny because of everyone's response.

I was still a bit gimpy but feeling a whole lot better, oh what a full day. I still can't believe it was my last prenatal day. It's been almost a week since we had a delivery... and were waiting waiting waiting... who knows when the next one will come.


  1. I love dialog Laura!! And your poor ankle... that bad car of mine... I;m glad to finally read the rest of the story! I could just see you in the chair keeping a close eye out, not wanting to miss any action.:)