Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sewing and cooking Adventures with the Reynolds Family

Running out the door I had my hand on my phone apprehensively waiting for it to vibrate. Would I actually get out the door without being called to go to a delivery? I was loaded and ready to go spend the day with the Reynolds. The sky was clear and blue with the suns rays shinning down warmly on my face. How glorious to see the sun and not be covered with 4 layers. Only a spring coat was needed today.

I've gotten quite used to living in Amish country. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and the buggies were littering the roads all on their way home from church. Up and over the hills, around the sharp corners, constantly watching for any unexpected buggies that might be just over the crest of the many sharp curves, I drove happily on my way to Amy's.

Amy was washing the floor when I walked in, sitting on the rocking chair we talked about what "amazing" plans we had for the day. Running upstairs we jumped on the computer to check some things and figure out what we would do first. Somehow we ended up looking at a cookbook featuring desserts. I love baking! We decided on peach crisp. The only question was if they would have some of the needed ingredients. Running around the kitchen we found some things that would work. Jo and I quickly put everything together and placed it in the oven.

Draining the maple syrup of every last drop.

Our finished product :)
"Smile...oh no it's starting to pour out... smile quick!!!"

It was a wonderful supper...Amy and I got every last morsel out of the pan ;)

After two weeks of talking about it we were finally going to make baby slings. Here goes...

Amy showing me what I was supposed to be doing.

Family shot... always a busy place at the Reynold household.

Snip snip snip we cut all along the edges making sure it was just the right size.

Tucking the sides so that it would hold the baby's head in nice and snug

Look! One done, and the baby fits nicely inside. All pink and girly!!

Sewing the second one... trying to make sure it was straight...

Forwards, backwards, going very very carefully over the thick parts... it all has to be perfect

Sewing on the rings... Amy got the craziest video of me while doing this...
I had no idea she was recording.

Two happy girls and our slings... now we just need babies to fill them ;)
(Notice how our clothes match the colors of our slings?)

Look what I made!! An adorable, and pink, case for my fetoscope and tape.

Time to take a break from our hard work and go have some fun outside.

Jo and myself looking up at the glorious sky. The stars were so clear! Snowboarding on ice in the dark makes things interesting. Sometimes the snowboard makes a better sled...

Amy and me... quite the story to get to this picture...

..."take 24"..."hold that smile"... "don't fall off the bench!!"..."did my hair look ok in that one?"...

And who's idea was this anyways????


  1. That was so fun! Thanks for coming over!! :)

  2. Boy Laura, Sounds like you and Amy are having a lot of fun.. Makes me kinda... Well never mind.. I am in the Kitchen all day anyway but would have loved to join in on the sewing.. Hope you are doing well.. Love you much
    Amy Rashelle

  3. Laura that whole afternoon was such FUN!!! I'm so grateful it finally worked out to do those slings too. Yes the crisp was delightful to the last bite (as we stood scaping the pan in the kitchen:) and I love all your little notes with the pictures. I think that last on is the best! I was a nut about my hair though... our poor photographers! Our family has grown to love you a ton and consider you as apart of us. I can't believe you'll be leaving!! :( Amy