Friday, February 6, 2009

Of Copies and Dresses

Another "day-off" is what Friday was supposed to me. Well I guess not really a day off, it was more of a "business" day full of paperwork, making copies, tying loose ends and getting last minute things done.

Rather than spending the day alone I decided to ask my dear friend to join me on all of my errands. As I was waiting for Amy to come in from the barn and call me to let me know when she was coming I decided to cook some food that needed to be eaten before I left. Pancakes, hash browns, scrambled tofu... hmm... what else??? Oh, and some fruit. I had a great breakfast! Amy came over and off we went...

"So... should we go to the bridal store or the copy shop first???"

"What do you think" Amy asked, very open to whatever I wanted

"Let's get our work done then we can go have fun."

So off to staples we went to make our copies. Ya know what's crazy. You would expect that Staples would have a stapler by their copy machines yet nope, no stapler was to be found anywhere. They had paperclips, three-hole punches, pins, pens, pencils, staple removers... but no staplers!!

I'm glad we were in such a small town, due to the sad state of Amy's car doors we left both doors cracked open as we went into the store, gratefully nobody "broke" in and took anything.

Now to find a bridesmaid dress... well, at least a bridal store. From one place to another earnestly looking for something, yet finding nothing. Driving all over town we went in search of a dress, we finally found this store that had something that I could try.

"Size 10? that the only size you have?"

"Yes it is, would you like to try it on?"

"I guess I can try" I replied with a bit of hesitancy

Into the dressing room I went, it was HUGE, how trying this one on was going to give me an idea of what it would really look like if I got one that fit, I had no idea. I'm regularly a size 2 so trying on a size 10 was a bit big. After trying that on and not getting very far I walked over to take a look at the bridal dresses.

"Hey Amy! I'm going to try one on!" I happily exclaimed

"You're going to do what?" She said a bit in unbelief

"Yes, nobody is here and it would be fun"

I found one that fit and eagerly went into the dressing room to try it one. It fit!! I walked out to the little platform, surrounded by mirrors. Amy fixed my train and handed me a veil to put on. How girls ever do it having the veil over their eyes the whole ceremony I don't know. The lady at the front desk came back to see what it looked like. She was quite amused by the two of us girls.

Home we went to put some pictures on the computer and spend some time with the kids before I went home for the night.

A very sad thing happened the night before!! I was online writing my blog update when the computer started acting weird, and kept acting weird, and then went slower and slower and slower until it froze altogether. Then I tried to load it back up and nothing happened!! Fear came over me that I killed it, but how could I kill a Mac? weren't they supposed to be the most "perfect" computers?? Anyways, no matter how much I tried it wouldn't start. So to bed I went. After making a few frantic calls the next morning I was told not to try and use it until I arrived home. 5 days without a computer!! Would I survive, I wasn't sure. After being used to being on most evenings and updating my blog quite regularly I was a bit unsure about not being able to get online at all.

Friday Amy got her new phone, I won't mention how she ruined the last one, and it had a one-month free internet trial. It was the new luxury for us kids. So at least when Amy and I were together I could at least check my email.

Amy drove me home and we were warmly welcomed home by Freida with warm, right out of the oven, raspberry pie. favorite, Freida makes the best homemade vegan pies, raspberry is my favorite kind, and the raspberries were from her garden. I bade Amy farewell and went to bring in Sabbath with my parents, obviously on the phone. I had some wonderful quiet time to read and spend some quality time with our Creator and then fell sound asleep by 7:45pm. Amazing eh? What a thought for me to get to bed so early. One week now without a delivery, who knows what happened, and if I'll have another one before I leave...


  1. The dress search was a riot- espically you in the gown!! He he I think the lady there had fun watching us.:) Amy

  2. I agree with you Laura - I don't think there is any "perfect," "crash free" computer, but Mac sure is better then the alternative... and my brothers can testify to the fact that Mac's sure don't crash nearly as often as do PC's :)