Wednesday, September 5, 2012

An Update ~ My Mom

Hello Everyone,

The past few days have been complete misery for my mom. She is breaking out in hives all over her body and it's keeping her from sleeping, walking, sitting, or doing just about anything comfortably. She is completely and totally miserable. Please please pray for her!!

We are trying arnica oil to help the itching and that helps somewhat, any other suggestions for relieving itching would be greatly appreciated!!

We are going forward with the treatments that we were doing and praying that all these toxins come out and we can get over this stage. We are supposed to be leaving in two weeks to go out West and right now she can't even leave the house, so please please pray that she gets better!

Thank you all so very much for your prayers and encouragement, it really helps!


 Just some helpful information we just learned...guess we need to be getting to bed earlier!!!

Melatonin - helps rest, around 4-5pm starts up, peaks at 2am, ends at 6am
Serotonin - starts at 6am, peaks at 8:30, ends at 2pm
Adrenal Gland - Reset - Happens only between 8pm-12am...they need 2 hours to reset a night. That means you must be in a dark place and resting/best to be asleep. They rejuvenate themselves and reset. No lighted alarm-clock. If this is not allowed to happen people feel run-down, depressed, blood sugar issues, etc.
Growth and Repair - starts at 10pm, and only then...if you are not asleep by then your body has to wait for the next night to try and have growth/ repair occur.

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