Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Anna's Wild Yam Cream ~

Our order just came in! So for those of you that have been waiting you may order yours today!

Here is some information about Anna's Wild Yam Cream ~

The active ingredient of wild yam is Diosgenin, an Unsaponifiable Steroid, a lipid similar to cholesterol, it is our understanding based on the above experience that either Diosgenin may precede cholesterol, or that the enzyme Esterase recognises and catalyses the Diosgenins conversion to the to cholesterol through to Pregnenolone.
As can be verified in any scientific text on steroidal hormones, Pregnenolone initiates the complex multi pathways of the Adrenal Cortex Steroids, commonly referred to as the gender or reproductive steroids – however their physiological role is far greater than just our reproductive functions with a broad spectrum of health benefits.

To order go to: thecreatorsway.com

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