Sunday, September 26, 2010

A good end to our In-Home Lifestyle Program

Whew... what an amazing and busy last 2 weeks!

Today we sent off our new family member back home. She came here as a "client" and left part of the family. Coming here she had a few goals: get off of her insulin, loose weight, learn how to live healthier, get into a good routine, and mainly to get a closer walk with God, plus many more. Praise the Lord, as we did our end evaluation she left having accomplished all of her goals and more. After three days she was off of her insulin, over two weeks she lost 12 pounds, lowered her BP, went from being able to walk only a few minutes and taking each step with pain to being able to walk a mile (up and down hills) with minimal discomfort.

We were all blessed to be able to have her here. A few of us got a cold during this time and so she was able to see practical home healing shown through natural remedies and hydrotherapy.

Below is a picture of Nalani getting her favorite treatment: a hot foot bath :)


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