Sunday, May 16, 2010

Natural Remedies...

We're looking for Natural Remedies that people have personally used and what they have used them for. We'd love to hear from you. :)

Here is one that we discovered not long ago:

Tooth-aches and tooth nerve pain - Take dried oregano and put it in a tea-bag or cloth of some sort and place it directly on the area of pain. My mom had so much pain that she was thinking of going into the doctor for it and I ran down to get some oregano and with-in minutes of putting the dried herb on her tooth her pain was gone.


  1. Last week I had painful pharygitis with swollen tonsils and exudate. I gargled with salt water and charcoal in hot water for three days, at least every 4-8 hours,but mostly with charcoal. I drank echinacea goldenseal tea three times a day, did a charcoal compress once, hot/cold fomentations at least twice daily, and hot lemon water with no sugar daily. By the third day, the exudate started to disappear, and by the 5th day, my throat was completely healed.

  2. That's great! Thank you so much for sharing! :)

  3. We've had a lot of success with Natural Remedies.

    Last year, I had first, second and third degree burns. We treated it with the natural resources God made. Mainly aloe-vera, comfrey, charcoal, onion, a mixture of different things called "Colon Detox powder". We used some other things at different times as well, like salt water to wash it etc.. With-in 4 weeks, the burns were healed up and left no scarring whatsoever! It was all pretty much pain-free after the initial burning which was terribly awful! God is so good to have given my wonderful daddy the wisdom to know how to help me during that time.

    There have been many many other times that we've seen natural remedies work in cancers, and many other sickness and diseases, but every case is different so there isn't one way that works for all. There are so many factors to consider and evaluated for each person and circumstance.