Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Shiloh Danielle ~ April 21, 2010 ~ 7lb 4 oz

Some pictures of sweet Shiloh from birth until a week old...

The Mosier Family

Blowing Bubbles

Auntie Laura...right after she was born

Daddy's first time holding her

Their first family picture...Mommy meeting her little girl

My crazy scrubs...that literally had to be taped on in order to "fit"

Two very happy uncles

Trying to lick mommy...she came out wanting to nurse

Shiloh and Grandma

Shiloh and Grandpa

Shiloh in the warmer

The New Family

Sleeping peacefully on mommy

Getting ready to come home.

The little one only had boy clothes since everyone was thinking she was a boy, until 2 hours before she was born...we quickly got her some girl clothes as soon as we could.

Feeding her...well....trying to...

Nalani loves holding her and is so good at helping with her.

Getting her all dressed in her new "pink" clothes... all girly :) Auntie Laura had fun getting her new clothes.

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