Tuesday, February 5, 2013

10 Day Juice Fast/Cleanse ~

Yesterday we started a 10 day Juice Fast/ Cleanse. My mom really hasn't been doing well, the rash keeps getting worse and nothing seems to be helping. Therefore we decided that maybe a juice fast and cleanse would help. The dermatologist says that it's eczema, I'm convinced it must be the world's worst case! It's so bad that she can barely sleep nor can she wear regular clothes. My poor mom!

Yesterday went pretty well. Today...another story! This morning we started with a salt water cleanse. 2Tb Himalayan salt in 2 quarts of water and the juice of one lemon.  My dad, Trish and I got it first. My mom was making it up and decided to let us have it before she took it. I got one quart down in about 5 minutes and instantly I had severe nausea. I went upstairs and went through about 3.5 hours of so much sickness that I seriously felt like I was dying! Nausea, excruciating headache, chills, shakiness, I could barely talk, barely move, my muscles were starting to jerk and I was a mess! I stayed on the bathroom floor for over 7 hours before I had enough strength to get up. Yeah...too much salt!!!

My dad is doing great, he has more energy than he has in awhile. My mom is still itching and because of my condition today she and Trish had to make all the juices and drinks for the day so my poor mom is worn out and not feeling well.

Nalani is still enjoying eating her food and all of us watch her eating and can't wait until we can eat food in 3 days, and then we eat Raw for 5 days.

We appreciate your prayers!

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