Thursday, April 26, 2012

InfraRed Sauna's ~

We are now distributers for TheraSauna for their far infrared saunas. We were recommended to get an infrared sauna to help my mom with her Lyme's disease so my mom sent out to learn all that she could about them and which one we should get. After a lot of research and phone calls we concluded that the TheraSauna would be the one for us.

We received it about a month or so ago and it has been such a blessing, not only for my mom but for all of us. We have a dear friend that went to California with us and he said that after 1 sauna treatment he had the same effect as about three days of treatments for his circulation in his feet and legs.

For more information about the saunas you can look at this website:

For information about ordering one contact us and we'll help you pick out just the right one for you and get it ordered for you. Contact us at:

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