Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Lord is oh so very good!!!

Isn't He amazing?? :)

Today, other than being quite sick and in bed almost the whole time since yesterday, the Lord showed us His love in a special way. We all know that the Lord watches over us and provides for us, yet sometimes He allows certain things to happen to impress that in a very real and tangible way.

Today we got an envelope in the mail. It was addressed to Mr & Mrs. Tim and Pam McKinley, in what looked like childrens hand-writting. There was no return address and where it was sent from could not be made out.

My dad opened the envelope like he would any other envelope, little did he know that such a simple package could contain something quite valuable.

As he opened the cute little card his eyes got huge. Noticing his expression I walked over as he fingered through the money that was in the card. It was simply signed: "I love you, Jesus"

What a surprise it was!! My mom was so surprised that she didn't believe us at first. Oh, how grateful we are to whomever it was and to the Lord for the gift that we received.

May we all be used to be a continual blessing to others as we are continually blessed by our ever loving heavenly Father.


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