Thursday, October 15, 2009

A quick update...

I know I said that I would have more Montana pictures up soon... yet sadly, soon has not come yet. Since coming home from my wonderful trip I've had to work on recovering from my rib and back injury and then we canned at least 5 bushels of tomatoes before going to Restoration International Indiana Family Camp. Hopefully I'll get some pictures from family camp before long. Camp meeting was such a blessing. It's always wonderful to see dear friends and be spiritually encouraged.

Now we're getting ready to have our first in-home Lifestyle program. We've always thought about having people come to our home for health education, natural remedies, hydrotherapy treatments, nutrition education and complete physical, mental and spiritual healing using the Creator's methods. This last month we were asked to teach a Natural Remedies class about 4 hours away from us and while there we mentioned that some day we'd like to have an in-home program. After the class she approached us about being interested in coming up and a couple weeks ago she called to let us know that she had taken time off of work and was wondering if it would work for her to come be our first client this month. So, we are now busily getting ready for her and one other person to come for our first 14 day session. It's quite exciting to see how the Lord is growing our family Health Ministry ~The Creator's Way~ If you could please keep us in your prayers as we are seeking to give glory to Him through this ministry.

As well as the above I'm busily working for this years conference for Generation of Youth for Christ. Our theme this year is unAshamed and is being held in Lousiville, KY. Registration is now open and Early-bird ends October 21st. So hurry up and register :) The website for GYC is and the registration website is:

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