Monday, October 19, 2009

~The Creator's Way ~ Our First Day

Today was our first full day of the program. We have two wonderful "clients" and they did just great.

Last night when they arrived we had our "Last Supper" and then informed them that that would be their last meal for 3 days and last regular meal for a week. We had a wonderful dinner, had orientation, went for a walk, had worship and then went to bed.

This morning started at a very early 5am with the sweet music of my alarm.
We had about 8-10 juices today, I felt like I was constantly juicing! We had juices, bug juice, exercise, classes, hydrotherapy treatments, outside work (it was a beautiful sunny day today!!), worship and prayer time and now it's time for bed at 9pm.

It was quite the day. I'm still alive after fasting all day. There were a few times that I felt starving, but over all it's ok. We're going one day at a time and before I know it I'll be able to eat real food again... I hope...!

Anyways, I'm absolutely exhausted so I'm off to bed. G'night all :)

Please keep us all in your prayers ~

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