Monday, April 6, 2009

"What can I do now..." :)

One of the many popular phrases of the weekend... the other great one was "tomorrow has become today" That one was after we stayed up until 2am studying the Word.

More to come later... here are a few pictures from our AMAZING weekend that we had!!

Does this look like spring??? This is what we woke up to Friday morning. At least it's beautiful.

Just a sampling of what I was doing ALL day Friday. They tasted soo good, dad and Nalani ate 5 to make sure they would be alright to serve to our company.

We made 175 Happy Cookies for our crew. It was a nice appetizer Sabbath afternoon.

Us "kids", except for the three little girls that didn't come on the walk with us.

We all ended up lining up in age order, without even trying.

My sweet little sister

"Hey... let's all jump off at the same time..."

Two precious sisters...

What we heard a lot last weekend

Thinking, thinking, thinking

My two helpers, helping me make hummus for the Seder

Digging into the Word, studying the 2300 year prophecy...

What a talented boy!

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