Monday, April 13, 2009

My sweet Niece Aizlyn :) At 6 days old <3

We had the wonderful opportunity to go see my most adorable little niece.
She is so peaceful and sleeps through about anything. She was sleeping most of our time there yet for the last 20 minutes she was wide awake and alert.

She has a very camera-happy Auntie!!

She has the roundest head, no molding at all.

Big yawn for Grandma

Holding the little one :)

Isn't she adorable. I love watching babies sleep. She's now 6 lb 12 oz

Me and Aizlyn

Look at the sleeping baby :)

Wake up for grandma...

This is as close as Nalani would get. She was so excited to go over to see her little niece but once we got there she was very content to play with her board that she brought over that Ian had gotten her for Christmas last year. She and Ian had a wonderful time playing together with Aizlyn's "It's A Girl" balloon, just like we used to when we were kids, and then we played "hide-and-go-seek." Maybe next time she'll be comfortable enough to actually hold her. :)

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