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An incredibly delayed Last Midwifery Journal from Ohio ~

This is the last of my Midwifery journals. Life has been a bit busy and crazy since I left and so I haven't had the time to email it out.

The background for this one... When we would get home from a birth Freida would always ask me the times or hours that things happened and I often found that, for one reason or another, I didn't remember...lack of sleep might be a key I decided that with this last one I'd make sure I knew the times ;)


September 13, 2013

Sitting here beside a birth pool...waiting...for another life to be brought into the world.

Yesterday we were out doing prenatals and post partum visits with Freida. The first place that we went to I vaguely remembered. It was a Swartzentruber home. Thinking that I might have been there before I looked around the main room for birth announcement cards, the ones that Freida makes for each birth. Seeing them on one of the shelfs I went and looked through them. Lydia, the cute little girl that I was playing with, was born June of 2009 which would have meant that yes, I was there for a prenatal for her. :)

After we did the 6week check on the baby boy the two little ones that were at home came over and I knelt down and played with them until it was time to leave.

All over we went on visits yesterday. Another midwife had a primip that was having contractions every 15-20 minutes so we decided to go see how she was doing after we did our scheduled visits.

Into the city of Canton we drove. We left the country homes and entered the city. No more to see the beautiful rolling hills, trees and fields between the homes. We were now downtown where house met house with only a few feet between.

C and C, a nice couple from Kentucky. She was doing great and the contractions were a breeze. We found that she was 4 cm and about 80-90% effaced. Back home we went, well, Jena and I went home and Freida went north for Jenny was in labor.

Not sure if we would be getting a call we went to bed. I was praying and kept getting texts so I turned my phone down so I could have peace while I was praying and then fell asleep.

"Knock knock knock knock knock...Laura, are you awake??" Jena said as she was knocking on my door.

Freida had called and C was in intense labor, her water had broken and we needed to go.

I threw back the covers and jumped out of bed, threw some clothes on, got my warm socks and shoes (for her house was like an icebox) and out the door we ran. Sadly, again forgetting to bring food. I've been living on granola bars and what Nalani calls "gummies."

We arrived and yes, labor is intense, she's doing great. The other midwife and her assistant arrived about 30 minutes after we did. They seem really nice. She, Nicole, just had a baby 5 days ago and injured her pelvis previous to that so she's here as support and help, since she can't do much other than hobble around.

C(laboring mom) is in the birthing pool now and it's really helped ease the intensity.

This is number 12.

Hobbs line- let's you know that things are getting close.

7:02am...we arrive...thinking this is going to be quick and easy... the bedroom, they are strong and hard the birthing pool...they are really intense

1:56pm...still waiting...shes in the shower. she is not sure how much longer she can go, thinking she wants to go to the hospital. The dog is howling in sympathy

3:38pm...yes...we're still waiting...on the birthing ball in the living room...wanting it to be over...

4ish...Our faithful midwife arrives

4:13pm...and waiting...she's in the room C (dad) is playing the guitar to try something that might help...she said that she'd rather be shot than go through this... to the hospital we go... triage...she's 9-10 and pleading for an epidural!! to the cafeteria to find some food, I hope, while the gets the epidural

6:52...she's got a smile on her face...we're back to waiting...

7:47...talking...they are a sweet couple...C & C...interesting life stories...and waiting....

9:21...she is now complete, they broke her water, slight meconium staining...and...we're waiting...I'm half laying on the "couch." Jena is sitting in the chair. Wondering when she can push.

10:44...what I love about hospitals...heated blankets...and free juice...going to try and sleep in the chair...

12:44am....just woke up...we're all sleeping

12:48...time to check...time to start pushing...!!! Yay!!!

September 14, 2013

1:06am...she's pushing...can't feel a thing though...thanks to the epidural..

1:45am...contractions 5 minutes apart and she can't feel enough to really effectively push...

1:54am...started Pitocin at 2ml/min

2:17am...uped the Pitocin to 4

2:23am...asked to stop the Pitocin, she wants a break due to back pain that started before Pit was given

2:34am...dose of Fentanyl with the epidural med

2:55am...after a talk with the doctor, serious talk...Pit is back on, only at 2 right now. They are being SO patient!! 1 hr active pushing...30 min not

3:08..Pit up to 4..,she's pushing

3:52...temp 100.0

4:04...O2 10 L/min for in between contractions

4:57am...decision made for c-section...not progressing

5:27am...they wheeled her off to the c-section

Soo cold!! It's been freezing all night. Wish I had my winter coat!

Ate some applesauce with a straw

6:24am...waiting...for her to come out of the c-section. Just heard that birth time was 5:50am. Now we wait until she gets into recovery.

6:38am...While waiting for her to go into recovery I heard the baby crying. Waiting in a waiting room...'s now been 24 hours...still waiting...

7:04- C came out and gave us an update: Holden 8lb 14oz, 19 1/2 inches

7:18...still waiting...

7:42...he's so cute!!!!

8:26am...we finally arrived back home...after 26.5 hours of being gone for one birth.

9:02am...back on the road for church. Ran in the house jumped in the shower, threw some clothes on, grabbed a banana and out the door I ran. Now for a almost two hour drive to church

11:15am...went to my car to. Get my water bottle and fell asleep in the backseat, never done that before...

And the another story...

Oh...if I get time I'll blog about my day taking the Amish couple shopping :)

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