Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bring a Health Seminar to Your Area ~

I hope that you are all having a wonderful Spring. It's beautiful up here in Northern Michigan. If you or your church are looking for a health, natural remedies & hydrotherapy, hormone seminar, etc. let us know! Check out our website for more information about us:

Here is a sample of some of our Seminar Topics:

The Acid/Alkaline Connection – provides one reason why even the most health-conscious people can get cancer and other major illnesses. It goes over how the foods we eat effect our cellular pH and how that relates to our health and wellbeing.
Understanding Your Hormones- Do you or someone you know struggle with: depression, anxiety, PMS, mood swings, irregular cycles, infertility, acne, hot flashes, painful cycles, miscarriage, etc…? Then this seminar is for you. This seminar is helpful for women of all ages. Over the past several years we have come to see the reality that most women are plagued with symptoms of hormone imbalance. Many women assume that these symptoms are normal and simply a part of being a woman, yet this is not the case.
In this seminar you will learn how a woman’s cycle should be, what causes it to change, the symptoms of having a hormone imbalance, and how to get your hormones back in balance through diet, lifestyle and some simple solutions.
The Body's Project Managers & the Liver - explains the physiology of how our body's organs work and how our lifestyle effects them
Natural Remedies & Herbs- lecture and demonstrations of hydrotherapy treatments: hot foot bath, fomentations, hot & cold showers, contrast baths, etc. and the use of herbs and charcoal for natural healing
We look forward to hearing from you!
God bless,

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