Monday, May 9, 2011

A prayed for delivery ~

We have such an amazing Lord and Saviour. I'm just amazed at how personal of a God He is. We are leaving on Thursday to go to an Agriculture program in West Virginia and we have to sweet women that are due around this time. So we started praying, and praying hard that they would go into labor before we left.

Sabbath at church I asked everyone to pray for the Lord's will, and that if it was His will that I would be able to attend the births.

Saturday night as I was getting ready to crawl into bed the Lord spoke to me in a still soft voice. He whispered to me that tonight was the night, that one of the women was going to have her baby. I paused, and pondered the thought wondering if it was God or just my mind thinking things and then prayed and got into bed.

Bzzzzz…..bzzzzzzzz…..bzzzzzzzzzz……..went my phone on the little table by my bed (I now have the phone on a table rather than under my pillow no that we don't have bunk beds anymore) I knew what it was. It was time to go. As I was waking up and getting out of bed I remembered the little soft whispering of the Lord before I went to bed and a smile came upon my face as I thanked the Lord for not only answering my prayer but also by letting me know. I ran out the door as quickly as I could to rush to the house 1/2 mile away for a very intense and quick delivery, he was born 3 minutes after I got there!! It was a beautiful and memorable delivery and such a blessing for me to be a part of. A handsome 8 lb baby boy was born and welcomed by his loving mommy and daddy.

Home I went for a little sleep and then up to make breakfast for my wonderful mommy for Mother's day.

It was such a beautiful experience. And such a blessing that the Lord answered our prayers.

We have such a personal and loving heavenly Father ~

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  1. Oh, God is good! :-) That is awesome and so special! :-)