Monday, April 18, 2011

Understanding Your Hormones Seminar In Frankfort

We had a great seminar yesterday! One woman came in that was having some issues and couldn't figure out what the cause was and had no idea what to do about it. While I was giving the seminar she noticed that the symptoms that I was listing described what she was having. Her doctor had suggested that she buy wild yams and eat as many as she possibly could to try and help her. After I went over the Anna's Wild Yam cream and that it is taken from Wild Yams she was excited and purchased a jar for herself. I really look forward to hearing how it is going to help her.

We had started the seminar and about 10 minutes into it a woman walked in and sat down. After listening to the seminar for awhile she asked if she could ask a question. She also had been having hormone problems and was so excited to learn what was being presented. She was on the birth control pill for 15 years and started suffering from depression and other side effects while being on it, she noticed that once she came off of the pill her depression went away. She also mentioned some other symptoms that she was having and how the seminar spoke directly to them and know she knew why she was having those symptoms.

She was up visiting a friend and her friend was sleeping so she decided to take a drive. While she was driving she just decided to stop in at the restaurant where we were speaking to look at it to see if maybe it would be a good place to come eat sometime. When she walked in they asked her if she was there for the Hormone Seminar, she decided to see what it was and was so blessed to be there! Praise the Lord for how He led her to us. After the presentation and some wonderful discussion she got a jar of Anna's Wild Yam Cream for herself and one for her friend that was at home sleeping. :)

The Lord really blessed our time and we look forward to hearing how these women will be blessed by the knowledge that they acquired from our seminar.

If you would be interested in having us present in your area please contact us at: or 231-929-7715

God bless ~

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