Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Anna's Wild Yam Cream ~ and Handouts :)

I pray that you had a wonderful holiday season.

I want to let you know that we are now including a complimentary syringe with each Anna's Wild Yam Cream order.
Many of you have asked us how to know exactly how much cream to apply at each use, well we now have an easy way to know.
With each syringe we will let you know how much to fill it up so you get just the right amount and are able to experience the best results from your cream.

We have had many people telling us the wonderful benefits that they have been experiencing from using the cream.

Right now I'm getting ready to record a hormone presentation, along with handouts, and our Acid-Alkaline presentation, with handouts.
If you are interested in either of these please let me know.

For those of you that were at our presentations and asked for handouts please let me know.

Order your cream today at

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