Sunday, January 16, 2011

GYC Report & More Anna's Wild Yam Cream

The Lord really blessed us at GYC this year. There were
over 5,500 attendees during the week and Sabbath attendance peaked to over 6,500! Praise the Lord. We had a very serious group of attendees this year that were there to be challenged in their walk with the Lord and there to make commitments for the Lord. On the logistics side (what my position and role is) the Lord really blessed, registration day went by without many delays and it was so exciting getting to meet thousands of new people.

We were happy to have a booth there for "The Creator's Way" for the second time. Since I wasn't working with Programming this year I was able to spend a lot of time helping at our Exhibit. We had a wonderful display of our Natural Remedies First-Aid Kits, Health books, Anna's Wild Yam Cream and pictures to represent what we teach done by Evan. We sold out of many of our products while there and we were happy to receive our next shipment of Anna's Wild Yam Cream when we got home.

For all of you that were waiting for our next order to arrive, go on our website and order yours today.



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