Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It's been a long long time...

Well, it's been a really long time since I actually wrote a blog post eh? Life has just been so busy that I honestly have not had time. For a quick update... after having 5 weeks of health seminars in 6 weeks we had about a week off before doing another little health seminar for another church about 2 1/2 hours away, we also did a fun cooking class for our church youth group too. As most people can figure out my adorable little niece was born and so we've taken many opportunities to see her and get to know the precious little addition to our family. Winter doesn't want to see to let go so we're still waiting for the Spring warm weather to find us up north!

I have to go make breakfast in a little while, berry/peach crisps for 12-15 people, so this won't be anywhere near as long as my old posts...

This past week we came back downstate for the "weekend" to spend some time with the Bambrick's and the Alessio's. We started our time staying with the Bambrick's and then since Sunday evening we have been with the Alessio's. It is such an incredible blessing to be with these families, they truly love the Lord with all of their hearts and we have the sweetest fellowship and time studying the Word and singing praises to Him.

On Sunday we drove back north to do another health seminar and then drove back down again to spend a few days here.

Last night they had their home school orchestra practice, it's the last one before their concert. Wow, what a blessing!! I didn't want them to stop. I was doing some GYC work and it was such a peaceful and happy place to get my work done. Mr. Alessio conducts and you can just see how much fun he has and he does a great job too.

Today we are going, well a few of us, to go see the man that brought Suzuki into the USA, he's over 90 and still teaches people how to play. If only I played the violin or something I'm sure it'd be amazing!

Oh, another thing I've been up to... I was asked to speak for the Christian Youth Health Conference that will be held in Lodi, CA this next month. I'm earnestly seeking the Lord's guidance as to what He would have me speek on.

I must end for now...

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  1. ohhhh suzuki! I love suzuki! That is what me and my sister's use!!